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Ecofishers Request

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Guys and girls,

A request has come through from the $%^&* group which i am posting on their behalf. :biggrin2:

As follows :

""We need an intertested group of local supporters to invite $%^&* to bring their roadshow to a local area. We just can't set up in someone elses back yard because, when we leave, the locals have to run the race. They know local needs and the local area.

We have invitations from locals in Nowra, Wollongong, western Sydney (Penrith) and the Sutherland area and we will be active in these areas during the next two months.

We need a group of inner city locals who support "conservation through sustainable use" to invite us in and help us organise a public meeting in the inner city. This is an opportunity that can't be missed.""

In a nutshell it seems the inner city Green movement is building momentum through a total lack of education within the local communtiy. Being green in the city just seems to be cool. They need an education and im sure $%^&* can give them this.

If anyone lives in the inner city and can help these guys get in there please step forward and help. Contact $%^&* via their website$%^&* or reply here or send me a pm.

As you know i have openly questioned these guys here and elswhere in regards to some issues, but they are doing the best job in representing us so i have no issues promoting things like this.

CHEERS :thumbup:

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