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Tiagra Or Sealine Tournament


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Hey Guys, just looking for a opinion on which Game reel i should buy.

I already have purchased a Tiagra 30 and a Tyrnos 30 but i am now looking for 1 last game reel and i have been told the Daiwa Sealine Tournament SLT 50 2 Speed SLT50 ll is a great reel.

If any one has used this reel some feedback would be great.

Im tossing up between another Tiagra 30WLRSA or this reel.

Heres a link to it

Ebay link for Daiwa

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The slt50 would make a big capacity 15kg or average capacity 24kg. They are two different sized reels so no point comparing them. I haven't ever heard a bad thing about the daiwas, but I would probably go for shimano simply because more people use them including all the big name boats, but do you want the reel for 15 or 24

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Netic, i've owned an SLT50 and i do not recommend it, especially if you plan to run 15kg line.

I bought mine as a 15kg reel only to find out that the lowest strike drag setting was an astonishing 8kg :1yikes:

Had a word to Daiwa about it and they basically said it's designed as a 24kg reel and nothing could be done about reducing the strike drag to 5kg. :thumbdown: Also the drag cam is absolute crap! At sunset you will snap even 24kg line. The drag becomes fully locked up :1yikes:

It was a real shame as this reel is pretty impressive otherwise. Also, the 2 speed shift system was nowhere near as easy to operate as the Tiagra. Needless to say, i no longer own the SLT50.



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Well it seems like i will go for the 30wlrsa,

I already have one that i bought a few months back but i was looking at getting something different to give some variety to the collection.

Tiagra number 2 it is.

Thanks guys

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