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I'm Leaving My Baby


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I use my boat every week since I got her, but I'm going away and won't be using it for almost 2 months.

Now with the petrol in the tank, should i drain it all or should I fill it up to avoid condensation ?

or will that "just result in stale fuel ?

Should batteries be disconnected or will the switch being left in off position be enough ?

Is there anything I need to do to make sure it's still happy I get back ?

any input would be appreciated.



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If you wish i can come around and use it for you :thumbup::1yikes:

I would leave it with around 1/4 tank in it and then when you come backfill it up again or drain that last 1/4 out before topping it up

Why leave it 1/4 fuel in it is so that all the lines don,t dry out and possibly start to pearish or go hard ish

i would disconnect the batteries don,t put on concrete or metal if you take them out.

Make sure they are fully charged also as if they drop in voltage a little it will not go down to the level where the

the battery may be damaged

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i often leave my boat without using it for 2 months and i have never had any trouble with the fuel in the tank.

Unleaded is believed to go stale at between 2-3 months (stale meaning dropping its octane level) even a quarter of a tank top up with PULP will get it back to normal. Whilst it may not be greatly noticeable the stale fuel can cause detonation and the engine may use extra fuel and in extreme cases cause engine damage.


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maybe it is because they only sell Premium at Akuna Bay, i havent noticed a drop in the performance but i guess i am no rev head, the 225 EFI gets me up and going without any strife so i just coast along at 4200 revs most of the time, thats about 35 knots.

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