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Surf Reel Help!


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HEy guyz im looking at getting a surf reel for my salmon surf fishing!!!!

just wondering what reel should i buy and also i only have a budget of $110

Can u let me know aswell if i should use mono or braid fishing off the beach!!

I will be only using bait! so what line is more suitable thanks guyz if u could help me out!

Regards Nino

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Guest IFishSick.

Personally I use a Shimano Sustain in 6000, with 12lb braid. I have never had any trouble with it and I will never go back to mono because braid lets you feel every little knock, where as mono does stretch

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Hey mate :1welcomeani:

Are you after a threadline or overhead setup? what rod are you mounting it on?

If you are after overhead i recommend ABU 6000,6500,7000 depending on what rod your mounting it on, awsome beach fishing reel, casts like a dream.

As for mono ot braid, im a braid man myself, but others prefer mono...braid is stronger and lighter, and no memory. Mono its stronger when it comes to nicks and abrasions though, mono is heavier, has memory, stretches. Its person experience, try both and see which one you like better....


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thanks for the replies mate i am happy 2 be apart of this website so thanku for welcoming me!!!

ive currently got a 12ft beach spin rod 25-50lb line class on the rod...

im looking at getting a spin reel as i cant use an overhead on my beach spin rod!!

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Fors and against for both, braid will give you a thinner profile in the water so you are not as affected by the wash/waves and obviously it has much greater sensitivity. Braids abrasion resistance is a downside if where you are fishing is a bit lumpy eg floating kelp etc but its not a huge problem usually.

I would be using braid and I do!

Also remember with braid you can usually go down a bit in size on the reel as your capacity is increased.

Sorry mate but dont really know enough on the reels in that price range to be able to reccomend something, but Im sure if you were able to get into one of our sponsors stores that they would be to happy to help you out.

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