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G'day Raiders

I have a real mixed bag of rods and reels on my boat at the moment and I have decided to standardise my gear.

Big Jewies is my main focus at the moment.

I am looking at getting a couple of things

Shimano Baitrunner 6500B ( x1 )

Shimano Baitrunner 3500B ( x1)

Wilson Live Fibre Texalium 6'6" 10-15 KG Spin Rod ( x2 )

Wilson Live Fibre Texalium 6' 4-8 KG Spin Rod ( x2 )

Question is any suggestions as to where I can get a good deal.



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G'day Inhlanzi.

Good luck on your hunt for big Jews mate. I truly hope you have the same success on them as you have had on the Hairtail! :thumbup:

Give Tony a ring mate. I've seen his set up & can recommend him as someone who can help you out.



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