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Botany Bay Sunday 17th


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launched at mutch ave at 6am, the ramp was pumping with heaps of boats set to head out wide.

weather was absolutely perfect.

we went straight over to the bay east of bare island to try for some squid. tried for about 45mins but no luck. Any suggestions for catching squid in botany bay?

we then went out through the heads and played with the salmon that were on the boil. I had my neighbour with me and he had an absolute ball with the salmon putting on a real show, jumping out everywhere.

Back inside to the oil wharf for 2 squire ,going a bit over 40cm and a PB flathead going a bit over 60. I got a massive hit and then something took a good 20m of line. I struggled with it for a minute or two, but the dodgy bloody reel I was using had a shithouse drag and I could harly gain anything back, before I was busted off on 10 pound mono.

maritime boat came and checked rego, life jackets etc before telling us to move as we were within 100m zone ( we were probably about 15m from the wharf along with about 20 other boats). We were told we could be placed on the terrorist register and could then have our houses raided for no reason and at anytime! :1prop:

we shifted to about 100m away to be safe from the register, anchored, burlied and through the bag with the fish in it back over the side. Saw the bag with the fish in it sinking to the bottom and realised I hadn't tied it back on. :05: Had to dive in and swim down about 3m to save dinner. At least the water was warm.

had a crack at 3rd runway for zip, then tried moll point and landed a couple of pike which went back in the drink.

home and on the beers by about 230. We gave the M7 a run and it was awesome. so much easier to get to the bay, we will be using that fulltime from now on.

Top day on the water, you wouldn't be dead for quids.

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G'day Inked

We're looking forward to Sat :1fishing1: I'm stuck at home with a head cold today so hope the middle ear clears up.

You had a great day fishing by the sounds, I too thought about a swim but the water was a bit murky in the day and was to scared to jump in along the coast, call me yellow.

To add to my ever growing fishing knowledge whats a squire and whats a the "PB" stand for.

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Howdy all, if your looking for squid as bait or a meal try this spot as we rarely come away empty handed.

As you round M.Point you head down the wall to the start of Yarra Bay. When your about 20mtr's or so you will see the weed and rock start. Cast to the brick walls you can see in the corner and have the bucket ready, also great for yakka's & slimy at times.

Also, head down to Fishfinder in Matraville, on the way to the ramp, and get some of his mouse coloured jigs as they are the gooooooo.

Hope to see you there some time.

Tony. :1fishing1:

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