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Cork Grips


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Gday raiders,

I have a question that some of you might be able to help me with.

Does anyone now what would be best to use on the cork grips of my spinning rods

to help preserve them & prolong there life?

They get filthy after a day throwing plasitics around.

I always give them a wash with a light detergent solution & rinse with fresh water at the

end of the day,but the seem to be becoming a bit dry.....any ideas?

I thought Saqa might know the answer?


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Don't join the dark side just yet.

Raw linseed oil mixed 40/60 with turps (to thin it down) applied in several light coats. it protects and treats the cork, dosn't change the colour much at all, and has no oily feel.

Also extreemly good for rifle stocks.

...Or just leave them untreated, provided there cleaned and looked after they shouldn't fare that badly.


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Noooooooooooooooo....................................... here comes the curry!

Haraka....... battle stations!!!!


You and Haraka would be pleased to know that I am out of one major ingredient for the currybutt which I get from the states and cant get anymore for some gov reasons.

But all is not lost :biggrin2: . mix a few drops of feast golden teak stain with 20mls of exterior polyurathane, apply heaps to the cork and let it soak in, wipe of the exess ( good if you do it on a lathe. gives better texture) then once dry just rub it back a bit with green scothbrite to take the shine off. The stains give a wonderfull golden look and the poly creates a barrier to water and dirt. Get Haraka to show you one of his rods with the currybutt and you will notice it doesnt feel any different to nat cork

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You can buy a commercial cork sealer from most tackle shops with a decent rod bulding section... or I have heard people also use bees wax.... but not sure how this would go on a warm day..

Personally I like the natural look and feel..

To clean up your cork try a rag soaked in metho and give it a good once over

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Yeah I clean the cord with Metho to stop moisture and rotting.

then I use the tennis raquet grip on top, very comfortable yet stops damage ad moisture getting to the cork.

I had a friend who used contact, but this ended up a real mess when the adhesive stuckl to the cork when it was tiem to remove the contact and damaged the udnerlying cork!

I reckon the tennis overgrip idea is still the best.

Cheers mate,

Huey :beersmile:

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