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Hey raiders I went out for another fish this afternoon as I finished work early. Picked up the kids from school and fed them before hitching the boat up.My two kids are keen as mustard to go fishing whenever they can. I had a few squid left from fishing on wednesday. Didn't want to waste such prime bait.

Hit the water about 4pm at Bayview and got my downrigger set up. Decided to fish "light" as I was in a hurry to hit the water - left my usual gear at home :05: Used 30lb braid with 50lb leader. Got a hit around the moorings but the fish busted the 50lb fluorocarbon leader within seconds as it made its way to the bottom. Seemed like a good fish!

Reset the lines and trolled around the same area and got another hit within minutes. This time we landed a smaller fish. Measured about 67cm. Landed another a few minutes later. Also a smallish fish. We let it go.

THe sun started to set and we ran out of bait so came home. Finally got my computer sorted so here are some pics

cheers kelvin

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