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What Other Hobbies Do You Have


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I was wondeing what other hobbies besides fishing other raiders are into.

As most of you around here know I'm building a 1970 valiant hardtop so I thought it might be interesting to here what the rest of you get up to when not wetting a line.

For me the 2 passions that I have are diabolically opposed both requiring lots of my time and moneyhence the last 6 weeks I have spent fishing has meant that my car will not be finished now in time for summernats and previously you may have noticed I dropped of the radar around here for a few months while I was flat out on the old val.

So lets here what else gets you fired up and how you juggle your passions

here's a pic of my baby all naked and craving my attention, I'm sure if she still had doors she whack my rods right off the wall next to her


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I enjoy making beaded jewellery. Another time consuming hobby and patience is also a must. But I like to do that if I get the time.

And since we bought a house I have gotten pretty interested in gardening. Planted a few flowers that have not died yet :1prop: Got a vege patch that is just sprouting and I have become a bit obsessive on checking how it is going!

I also love cooking. Not a hobby but I am pretty passionate about it. I love trying new recipes or making up my own. Have loved learning to cook Greek food, and have so far impressed Jims oldies!!!!

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Love to play sports, footy(league, touch,oztag) and tennis in particular. Love going to the beach, but when I go down to relax, I end up checking the breaks and gutters looking for fish hehehe and look over to the headland and wish i was fishing!

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Well fishing and thinking about fishing takes up alot of my time.

When im not fishing or thinking about it im Usually at the gym, Been a bit of a fitness freak for the last few years.

Try and play sport atleast 2 times a week to keep the gut away and do weights 4 times a week.

Normally play tennis or soccer would love to play league but im concern about injuries, used to love cars when i was 18-19, i actually spent 3 years building a HQ LS monaro as i was a spray painter then and did all the work after hours at my cousins panel shop.

Now that im married its hard to find the time to do anything, Lifes pretty busy with Fishing, Gym and Sport

IM probably going to have to cut down on my time spent doing all of those things now as we have a little netic on the way.

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Love soccer(but hate watching it :wacko: ), preety much play throughout the whole year, outdoor in winter,futsal and indoor in the off season and sometimes touch depending on how the body is holding up at the end of the week. lol..Also enjoy surfing,skindiving,photography and chasing girls!! :thumbup:

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I have alot of hobbies besides fishing, but fishing has been my favourite for about 4-5years(since buying a boat).

I enjoy playing alot of outdoor and indoor sports such as, soccer, volleyball, cricket and table tennis.

Since buying our boat it has definantly gone to the top of the list. I like riding my BMX at the local bike track (hoxton park bmx track) .I also like maintaining our garden pond. If anyone owns one, they will know its not easy keeping a pond in good condition..Even if im not fishing, i enjoy spending any time on the water including cruising the rivers, and geting towed on the tube.

I also like cruising in the car up and down the coast with mates.

Im sure spending time at the pubs will move to the top of the list in a few years :beersmile::biggrin2:

Forgot to add, i love wood working. It is my favourite subject at school by far, and i love making projects at both school and home.

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As passionate as i am about fishing, i am also just about as passionate about hunting, Mainly wild boar, but its not all about the killing for me, Its the stalk and the hunt, not to mention some of the beautiful places it takes me.

The only problem is finding the time and money to pursue it the way i'd like.

Also just love spending time in the bush, whether it be hiking, hunting, fishing or just taking the dog for a walk.

"Don't fence me in"


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Guest Big-Banana

I love fishing but when Iam not its usually spent at Parra stadium watching them run around or riding trails in the bush somehwhere.

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  1. Fishing
  2. Drinking
  3. Another skill that I won't go into because this is a family site. :1prop:

I'm an avid follower of the Dogs in the NRL, Cricket, and the V8 Supercars, but I wouldn't really class those as a hobby in the traditional sense.

Fishing is the main focus and gets the majority of my spare time. :thumbup:


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Well as a kid growing up really i only fished and play soccer

played outdoor and indoor(futsal) up until the age of 21 my knees and wrist where giving it in

from goalkeeping.

Then got into cars in a massive way from full rebuild show cars to other highly modified cars

whilst having fun playing on Jetski,s.

After 1 year knee,s healing i decided to get into trail bike riding

only gave that up early this year as the knee,s where hurting to much

and having some big off,s and getting hurt year after year

The bike got sold and the boat has just arrived into the garage

which i am :yahoo: about


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I fill my outside fishing times as an Amateur Boxing referee which includes all of Australia and the Oceana region. Then in winter I squeeze in Golden Oldies Rugby Union games as much as posible. We will be looking for some players next season, so any interested Raiders can contact me and then you can enjoy a real safe and fun times. The only time that you can get hurt is when you get caught for a shout. :beersmile:

Keep the body parts moving and it slows down age.



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I play world of warcraft. I also play DnD with ym friends once a fortnight/week (yes I am a geek)

But alot of the time I am working.

Also enjoy riding on my Mountain Bike and Generally just chillin at the pub with my mates.

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