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Dolphin Slaughter


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I can't understand how people can be so cruel, then to top things off, they do the slaughtering in front of school kids who think nothinbg of it. Looks like the next generation won't know any better and will be doing the same thing.

The Japanese government really need to step up and take notice of what the rest of the world is doing

This makes me :angry:

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Guest fishrunner

That is ..ucked up, :1badmood: , Can't believe that, so shocking, makes you feel sick inside,. Can't understand how they get away with it :1badmood:

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OMFG I can not belive that in todays society something like this is allowed to happen.

I am numb from watching that, it was so *@cking cruel.

I pray that eventually these practices will be stopped but in my heart I know that this

wholesale slaughter will continue until Dolphins are like whales an endangered species

Or am I wrong are they already endangered?

Makes you wonder how Australia can remain so impartial when the so called scientific study of whales

and the slaughter of dolphins is allowed to go on unchecked

What gives man the right to rape the world like that?

Thoroughly disgusted


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Guest IFishSick.

Besides the fact they are disobeying international laws, they don't even have the decency to humanely kill the dolphins. That is the worst part about it.

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Guest danielinbyron

first i was speechless

then i was tring to find some kind of way to rationalise,

and that crumbled into some way to tolerate

cultural difference..fish blah blah and that crumbled..

now i'm just trying not to think.. I WANT TO HURT THOSE MEN

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If they were to slaughter cattle the same way , they would be arrested for cruelty. Personally , I would like to tie that murderous , vile little man behind my truck , and offer him the same amount of mercy he showed that dolphin.

You really have to wonder about a society that condones , nay , encourages that kind of behaviour . It is wrong. It must be stopped. But alas , the almighty dollar prevents our cowardly government from making a stand . Its no wonder some people get so dirty about certain races......


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so cruel...

these people think they can get away with anything.. there must be some sort of international law..

isnt the ocean like the air? shared by everyone? always on the move etc etc...

but i guess it all comes down to money and political pull.. Shame!

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Guest danielinbyron

this is a clip from a new doco by Mobie {a strict vegetarian}

Joaqin Phoenix narrates and others called "Earthling"

The premise of the film is to change poeples attitudes towards

the suffering of all species.And to highlight the services of animals

toward ours...The strangest species of all..It has been getting allot of rave reviews and attention.

man that f#(t me up last night watching that.

and has ruined all my bad dolphin jokes..

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That is just unbelievable, how can any person be so cruel.

There is a culture that still shows all the disregard, barbarism, cruelty and lack of feeling it was capable of in WW2 towards others. The Japanese people who create the demand so fisherman can butcher the dolphins need a rude awakening. They should thank their gods dolphins don't fly!!!!!

This is what 60 minutes needs to view.

No one should treat sheep, cattle chickens or even fish in that manner. That film is a great example of how low man can go, barbarism at its best.

You would live in hope the Japanese people who are appalled by such behavior have the presence in Japan to bring about change and that Japan will loose its arrogance and take notice of world community opinion.

All that cruelty pain and suffering just to please the a Japanese culinary palate

Sickening stuff and one hell of a wake up call.

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I agree with everyone who's commented here in relation to the barbarity and wrongness of what is done to whales and dolphins by certain Japanese fishermen. However, just in response to some of the comments, I wanted to remind you all that:

1. The Australian government is extremely active in fighting against the Japanese for the protection of whales. So much so that Japan sees Australia as the main impediment to its whaling ambitions. It's true that we could probably do more, but don't think that our Government is sitting idly while the whales and dolphins are slaughtered.

Bottom line here is that the only way that Japan will ever be forced to abandon these barbaric practices is through economic pressure.

How many of you would be willing to forgo buying the following products for the next couple of years:

- Shimano

- Daiwa

- Okuma

- Yamaha

- Suzuki

I'd have to say that I would be reluctant.

This gives you an idea of the rock and hard place that Australia is in when it comes to forcing Japanese compliance with any of our cultural beliefs.

2. It's hard to get a good read on what the Japanese people think of whaling/killing dolphins. On the one hand you have lobbyists for the whaling industry insisting that it's part of their culture, while on the other hand you hear a lot of 'ordinary' Japanese saying they oppose it and would not eat whale meat.

We should not be too quick to conclude that 'the Japanese are barbaric' as the evidence on this is contradictory at best. We should also bear in mind that Iceland and Norway have resumed commercial whaling too - Iceland having killed an endangered fin whale just last week.

Please don't misunderstand. I am as appalled by the slaughter of whales and dolphins as anyone here - I just have significant doubts that Australians (myself included) are willing to really do what it takes to end it.

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Mondo, a good start is to distribute that video to as many people as posssible. I do not have an objection to some dophins being taken and regulated, but not in the manner of mass inhumane slaughter.

You would hope our Government would have other nations as an allie in this issue.

Japan constantly seems to have a disregard for the ocean and what lives in it.

I am happy to do without


- Daiwa

- Okuma

- Yamaha

- Suzuki

There are alternatives and price competitive, however I do not think that will make much differance.

Change comes about through outrage and the more people who see such videos and then the media grab hold is when chane comes about as pressure comes to bear.

So send a link to your friends and ask that they sen it on to 3 others.



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Hi Martin

I agree that outrage and pressure is what is needed, however I fear that Australians are mostly burned out when it comes to such things.

We've seen videos like that before, we've campaigned to save the whales and then we've campaigned against Japan's attempts to undo the modest progress that has been made in this regard. Japan has shrugged it all off, and in recent meetings of the UN whaling body, or whatever the forum is called, has become increasingly successful in moving towards resumed commercial whaling. This is mostly through the acquiescence of pissant and corrupt little Pacific Island countries who have been bought off with Japanese aid (but who's vote is worth the same as Australia's vote).

It would take a really concerted effort by Australia and the US to make this into a big enough issue for the Japanese to care what we thought.

Unfortunately, with the Liberal Government's prioritisation of economic over environmental issues, and the constant undermining of the Greens in Australian politics (including by us recreational fishermen), it is unlikely that Australia has either the mettle or the desire to do this.

But if a world-wide movement sprang up where a large number of people began boycotting Japanese products I'd definitely join in.

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Mondo I agree with what you are saying to a certain degree and whilst I would like to see the whole whaling/dolphin industry shut down it is not so much the killing of these gentle creatures that disturbed me but rather the cruel way in which they go about it. If the dolphins must be killed there are much quicker and more humane ways to do so that will not leave the poor creatures convulsing in pain whist suffocating and bleeding to death.

In some ways I feel it is hipocritical for australia to be outraged at Japan for putting flipper on the plate when we do the same to skippy, the difference is we don't drag skippy behind the ute before we slit his throat

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Fair enough Rob

To be honest I haven't watched the video - the reason being that I can imagine what's in it and am so certain of the the impact it will have on me that I just don't want to put myself through it. I am completely against the killing of whales or dolphins for any purpose whatsoever (human safety being the only possible exception) on the basis that they are highly intelligent creatures with complex social systems and languages that we are yet to fully understand. I believe that there is absolutely no valid justification for hunting and killing them.

However once we accept that they can be killed for commercial purposes, even on a limited basis, we move onto a different issue altogether. We're no longer discussing whether to kill them, but how to kill them.

In my view we're on much shakier ground here. It's difficult to point the finger at Japan and complain that "you kill dolphins inhumanely" when they can point right back at us and say "you kill sheep inhumanely", or "you kill kangaroos inhumanely". And we do Rob - while the vast majority of kangaroos are culled humanely, how many do you think are not shot cleanly and then crawl off to die with horrific injuries? How many actually have been dragged behind a ute for sadistic pleasure?

I'd guess that the answer is more than a few. It just hasn't been publicly caught on film yet. And I'll bet that if you talk to any abbatoir worker they'll have at least one story about a co-worker who got 'creative' with a kill.

I don't really know what I'm saying here other than that there are countless incidences of cruelty against animals that human's have decided are OK to kill. To believe that the capacity for this type of cruelty is limited to the Japanese is naiive - even though they do seem to hold a monopoly on cruelty to whales and dolphins (although this is probably because they're pretty much the only ones who hunt them).

There will be sadistic bastards wherever you find human sanctioned killing of animals. Even in Australia.

If we want to stop individual instances of cruelty towards a particular animal we have to stop the killing of that animal period. There can be no middle ground in my opinion.

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