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Blue Monday!


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G'day Raiders

Not happy to make this post but just to let you know Reel-em-in had a bad car crash on Monday night.

This is also to let the blokes up north who are coming down to fish with him on the Hawkesbury ( Sorry I don't know all your names ) that he is a bit crook at the moment.

It should take him a while to recover so lets send him some good wishes and hope he will mend and be out there fishing again soon!



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Just spoke to Joe. Very glad to hear that he will be ok. A little cut and hurting a bit im sure. He was really appreciative of the good wishes from you guys.

Like djmac said, you cant keep the big man down. I thought he may want to pass up on our upcoming trip but that was not an option. He is keen as so I hope we can get him a nice Jew for his efforts. Thats the kind of healing the man needs :thumbup:

He is still bloody insisting on doing his bit to get things organised for our trip as well. Your a good man Joe. Hope you have a quick recovery mate and i'll see you soon.

Thanks for letting us know to inhlanzi. Appreciate it mate. Hope to see you on the hawkesbury. I hear you may pop over to say g'day.

cheers Jas!

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