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I have two Fin-Nor spinning reels, they are all stainless (read - HEAVY).

They are (where) made in the USA. I am sure they have "outsourced" the production to China, so the quality of the newer reels has declined.

I have landed a few good jew with them and they have handled the situation. Although on one occasion i had a bit of overheat when i hooked a shark, nothing was stopping that fish! :mad3: . Also i dislike the placement of the drag adjustment, it isn't easy to adjust on the fly.


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I noticed "AHAB" engraved on the reel... And Fin-Nor implies Finland-Norway...

It's for Whale Fishing!!!!! :biggrin2::biggrin2::biggrin2:

Not exactly

Fin-Nor is a completely American brand, it was started by 2 blokes with surnames Finley and Norwood.

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Bloody good gear!

A little heavy and old school, but if they are the older ones made in the states you could fish with them and then winch your boat back on to the trailer with them when you got back to the ramp.

If the price is right you cant go wrong.

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For many years FinNor was considered the Rolls Royce of fishing reels. They established a solid reputation for exquisitely crafted big game reels and their customer service was second to none. Alas, several years ago they were bought by a large Japanese corporation. Whether cause or coincidence I cannot say, but thereafter both their quality and customer service suffered major declines.


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