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What Are We All Doing This Weekend?


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G'day Raiders ,

what have you all got planned for this weekend?

Saturday , I have to get some work finished on the Pajero , then off to look at some sites for the flathead social.

Sunday , if the weather isnt too crappy , I am hoping to wet a line , probably in the Bay .


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Will try and find the time to get out Saturday lunch time to keep appointment with Mr Bream. Probably around the Parra River shoreline somewhere (likely Putney or IC)

Other than that got an appointment with Mr Paintbrush & Mr Lawnmower :1prop: Cant wait for that.


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after three days straight of trial school certificate exams :thumbdown::mad3::ranting2::05: i really need to get out for a fish.

Will head out on saturday or sunday not sure yet. Will launch at national park at revesby or oatly bay and fish the river and bay if its possible(bloody wind)

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Greek BBQ!!!!!!

Hope you are putting on the show for the rellies!!!!

Can I have your leftovers....... PLEASE!!!!!

I have a 60th that the girl and I are catering for her Dad on Sat night and a mates engagement on Sunday...... so I shall be eating some damn good food and drinking some nice OLD reds...... but not fishing.

A compromise I can live with, but NEXT weekend...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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