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Flurocarbon Leader.. Fishing For Kings


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hey raiders,

just a quick 1,

i need to get my self some FLUROCARBON leader to chase and downrigg for kings...

what do u lads use as in brands and LB's?

just not to sure which is the best or most popular..

ive been advised to steer clear on the berkely stuff any thoughts???

thanks in adbvanced guys

steve :1fishing1:

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Stay away from the Berkely stuff. Its knot strength is absolutely awful. Most of the fluorocarbon is made by a couple of factories around the world. They just brand it different and add a few polymers. I love Siglon but this stuff is expensive. Costs about a $1 meter in 50-80lb. It slips really bad when knotted but abrasion resistence is unrivalled. I always use a bit of super glue or better still crimp the bastards.

Seaguar is great for knots and is far cheaper but abrasion resistence is not as good as Siglon. Nylon mono such as Schnieder is great. Almost as good as wire but hard to knot.

Seems like if it is hard to knot, it will be tough. Don't know about this invisibility of Fluorocarbon in the water. I can see it clearly so I guess the fish do too. Cheers KElvin

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