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Some People Really P*ss Me Off!


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Was down at my fav. spot at Narra lake today, land based as usual. Been there about half an hour

when 2 bokes in a small tinnie motor up and start fishing right where I am casting.

They could see me casting in a fan pattern as they motored up.

It didn't phase them one bit. They even cast their lines over mine on one occasion.

I continued to cast right next to their boat in the hope they'd take the hint that I was

still fishing there. They just looked at the splash right next to their boat and continued to fish

away, oblivious to me. This was just 15 metres from shore.

I eventually said something to them by asking them to move up a bit as I have been fishing here

for half an hour. They just looked at each other, shrugged and kept on fishing!! Arrrghhh

i had thoughts of tying on a star sinker and lobbing a few into their boat, but thought the better of that.

I asked them again..please move up a bit as you have the whole lake to choose from. They eventually

started up and motored 10 metres away and continued to cast where I was fishing.

Geez, some people piss me off at times.

I know I don't own the damn lake but this was just bloody ignorant.

They eventually left, then another turkey in a kayak with his kid on board paddles right over my line when

I had a fish on. The fish was obviously spooked enough to bust me off.

That was followed by another jerk in a tinnie speeding past 10 metres from shore, right past me..he even waved to me...what an idiot. The wake he left was something else.

I will never fish down there on a weekend again...too many bloody idiots.

In the end I managed one nice bream but nothing else.(returned)

A cranky Pete. :ranting2::ranting2:

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That secret spot where you caught all those pb flathead is no longer secret :074:

Mate that’s what it is like everywhere on weekends - especially when there is finally a break in the terrible windy weather we have been having lately.

I do agree with you there a many inconsiderate aholes around when all you want to do in relax with a rod in your hand.

I have experienced many times when at anchor other boats that fly past within 15-20 metres when they can easily keep 100metres clear.

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They were obviously not Fishraider members Pete. :thumbdown:

Being a shore based fisho I understand all to well how you feel. :pokey: I have a very long & accurate cast on my Jew gear! :biggrin2:

As you said, you'll have to fish midweek. Fact of life when living in Sydney. :1badmood:



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Guest danielinbyron

Yeah I sympathise , on a brighter note its amazing how courteous MOST people are really....

I just look at them as though they must be pretty desperate and a little pathetic when they do that..

Mate ask them if they'll trim your hedges while there at it.

The car needs washing to..

why stop at mowing ya grass..

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Pete, try fishing Port Hacking!

Once it hits about 7.30am you can nearly walk across the river from boat to boat. Not only do they pull up right on you but once you catch a fish some type of siren goes off and boats come from everywhere to fish in your back pocket.

Then when you move (even though there may be fish on the bite) you have to put up with mugs on wake boards and jet skis driving that close you can smell wanker on their breath. If these blokes on jet skis had a trail bike doing laps around their picnic they would spew but they dont seem to think anything of driving through the middle of guys fishing.

The rules should be no jet skis within 500km of me regardless of where I am.

i'm glad thats off my chest now

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I know how you feel mate - very frustrating. I try not to fish on WE due to this type of problem. Unfortunately for me my fishing addiction means i do go out on WE but never on Sunday. Sundays got to be the worst day of the week for the idiot factor. A couple of years ago whilst fishing in a small tinnie in Middle Harbour about 11am i hear this noise. I look behind me to see a massive motor cruiser coming straight at us whilst we were under anchor. I sh... myself as i just seen the movie titanic. All i had time to do was stand up and yell out at him.... then split decision, jump for my life and possible end up as berley or grab hold of his bow rail as he rammed us.

I went for the bow rail that i just reached standing up. Like i am 6 foot tall and this was a big old cruiser. It smashed us doing a couple of knots straight into the tinnie. Whilst holding on to his rail i looked down at my mate who was splatted against the bow with the tinnie pushed flush to his bow. The only reason my mate didnt get crushed was because the outboard saved him.

The idiot captain by now realised he was in trouble as he saw to his amazement this guy clinb over his bow rail yelling obscenities. I took one look at this old guy about 70 with a beer in his hand - and said to myself - cool it it man hes to old to thump.

Anyway the story went on but i have gone on long enough. Selfish idiots are out there - BEWARE.

If any one wants the whole story including the idiot to look out for PM me. Safe fishing guys.

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Geez Zenman...my story pales in comparison to that.

You were lucky to survive something like that.

I hope the old geezer replaced your tinnie and contents.

Some people just shouldn't be allowed to skipper a boat.

I'm now sticking to mid week also. Just not worth the hassle.



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Guest danielinbyron

I wanna hear the end of zen mans story ..

did he fix you up...

was he at least sorry??

Reading that was like a nitemare..complete with beer in hand..

Particularly as i've slept out in the boat a number of times.

Contradictory to my last reply the smartest play is to be extremely courteous at all times in those situations Pete..

Cos your either gonna walk off disgruntled or get in a blue and win or lose, feel like crap and walk off disgruntled..Just not worth it....I wish i could manage it myself..I got all the space and time in the world for someone strugglin or trying to manage there kids or just inexperienced and awkward , but just plain rude dudes trying to stand over people....

the blood boils..{deep breaths , deep breaths ,, go to your calm place} : 074:

We are resourceful , we'll get around idiots and do better for it..

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Hi guys

Gee, Zenman, you and your buddy were lucky to survive that one.

Like most of you, we see it all the time up here at Forster, too - especially w/e & hols. It is just a total lack of common courtesy and respect for other people. It says more about the perpetrators than words can describe. Imagine being married to them?? I have actually been swamped in my anchored up kayak by inconsiderate boaties (ski boat on this occasion) and I was only 10ft from shore. Other boaties seem to have no knowledge of the '4 knot' or 'no wash' signs. Where are the waterway 'police'? I have seen them 'chatting' for ages to folk on big cruisers instead of doing their job of policing the waterways. In the 7 years I have been here, you can count on one hand the number of times I have seen their boat in the water doing it's job. I have never been asked to produce my licence or check the fish I have caught. (unlike freshwater fishing, where I was asked for it on 3 different lakes over 1 week!) I am on the water in my kayak or lbf most days of the week.

If you motion for them to slow down in the restricted zones (from my kayak) you either get the finger or abuse hurled at you, or both.

The most amazing thing I see is on the breakwall here - especially the 'whale watcher' boat Amaroo. It hoons out of the bar at full speed, creating a bow wave that hits the breakwall at up to 1 metre. This is on a totally calm day, with no need for speed. When the tide is running the same direction as them, the wave is even worse. Gear and people have been swamped, as they try to scarper for higher ground. Just on fuel use alone, you'd think they would tone it down a bit. Some of the big cruisers are the same. Don't start me on jet skis ....... they should be banned totally, except for Surf Life Savers use!

It is the 'Look at me' syndrome! Perhaps they believe we are jealous of them?? As if!

What is the protocol or speed rules for entering or exiting a breakwall? Are ther any?

Gee, now I have got that off my chest - it makes me feel better!



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Hi guys,

Hi Danielinbyron and Roberta good to hear from you. And MallacootaPete mate will be in contact with you soon as discussed.

OK so the end to the story of being run down in Middle Harbour.

Once he realised what he had just done the guy started back peddaling straight away when he saw i was bleeding and pretty angry. Basically the first thing his wife said to me was "did you catch those fish here" not as one would expect a simple apology and can i clean up those cuts for you. The captain even had the cheek to suggest that the bleeding cuts had happenned before he ran into us.

Funny thing was we had just had a great session at the "the hole" near the spit in about 30m of water. We had a small jew, john dory and very nice lizard. It was about the only thing we didnt loose as the fish box stayed within the tinnie and the fish were floating in the boat. Several rods and gear were deep sixed.

We gaffed the tinnie that was submerged but floating just under and level with surface due to floatation devices in the seating? The motor was wrecked having been imersed and never recovered. It was pretty old and dysfuncional anyway. The tinnie had a nice little ding in it.

When i said in earlier post i was going to thump him but didnt, that was what i felt like but in reality thats not me and i wouldnt act that way. For me fishing is all about clearing my head and relaxing and maybe getting a feed.

So anyway i said to this guy because i didnt like his attitude of denial that he almost killed us that he needed to compensate us for the damage and loss of gear. My mate didnt want to get involved in this even though that was basically the end of his boat. This guy then sends his son down below and low and behold he turns up with a roll of cash. I do a quick inventory in my head and name my price. He peels of the bills without question then says "are you going to call the police". I leave this to my mate and hes so "no".

I would like to add that i in no way ripped this guy off for his wrong doing. I was honest in terms of what i lost and at best once i replaced the gear i was probably only better off by a slight upgrade. In future with an incident like this i would certainly call the "Water Rats". That not easy to admit as to be honest i am not one to dob people in. Also a part of me felt sorry for this guy.

As it happenned near the spit Bridge a lot of people saw what happenned and may have reported the guy. Anyway we have never seen his boat again. I bought a tinnie a year or two later and had it painted a nice bright white so she stood out.

Safe fishing guys.

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Pete... I feel your pain. It happens to the best of us... :biggrin2: I'm sure you already know that it's a fact of life, but it doesn't stop us all getting annoyed! I too wish some people were more considerate, but sometimes fishing works by Murphy's Law (I wanna meet this damn Murphy fella... :1fish::gun_bandana: ) :ranting2: . Anyway, I hope that the fish that busted you off wasn't another flathead PB...

As for zenman's story, IT TAKES THE CAKE! :1worthy: I bet you kissed the ground after that one, mate!


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sorry to :074: but i know how you feel, a while ago my dad and i went out fishing in botany bay and went out to the heads , we were onlt there for about 10 mins and another boat pulled up about 5m from us but mind you there wasnt another boat at the heads,

some people just have no idea, and a while ago i was in the georges river just near como bridge and i was just minding my own business fishing away and then a couple of jet skis decided to circle around me for 5 mins thinking it was funny to make me stop fishing . so haveing a very short temper i picked up the biggest sinkers that i could find and started throwing sinkers at them. they soon got the idea.

like i have always and will always say.... AS SOON AS YOU PUT SOME 1 ON THE WATER THEY LOOSE ALL COMMON SENSE.... i really think that there needs to be more education about the water.

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Wow zenman, a *very* close call.

The Fishing Partner and myself have also had some near misses in Middle Harbour, must be something in the air.... :ranting2:

Once we were LB fishing at Windang Lake near the boatshed,and had got there nice and early about 6.30ish. When there I usually wear waders and go out a couple of meters into the water to better access the channel. At about 10.30 2 yob guys and their GFs rock up and the oldest guy stands right behind me and casts into me. :mad3:

After about 2 mins of this I very politely asked him if he could possibly move further along the sand, as you could see I was standing here when you started. He reply? "well I'm here now, and I want to fish here, so you can #$*% off cos I think if you were here before me then you've obviously been here long enough."


At this point several other people fishing alongside us got stuck into him, including my FP, and since he was no longer dealing with 1 lone woman but 7 irate men (and one p'd woman :D ) he retreated up under the bridge.

To top it off I then caught a nice 40cm flattie from my spot :thumbup:

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Hi Silverbike,

Thats amazing what a nerve. Let me get this right your a female and that bloke said that to ya! I believe in Karma and people with attitudes like then ending getting back what they give out in life. Welcome to fishraider and happy fishing.

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Heard a funny story the other day - a bunch of 'older' guys were blackfishing their favourite spot & a newcomer came along & cast right over the top of one of the blokes & started retrieving his line, fouling the 'old fella's' line. The old fella took out a pair of scissors & cut the newcomer's line, causing him to lose his whole setup! He immediately packed up & left! Had to laugh!



I was blackfishing last week at a favourite spot on the breakwall at Forster that had fished well the day before. My bucket, weed & tackle was down on the rocks. I got snagged further down (as happens.) I scampered down to unsnag & by the time I returned, 2 blokes had taken 'my spot' standing directly on the rock in front of my gear. They were obviously together (one bait fishing & the other float fishing) & they made no attempt to move as I returned. THey mentioned something about my gear & stood firm. I thought 'What a___holes'. Being a local & not wanting to create a scene, I packed up my gear & moved further down to another spot where I had no luck - even lost my float. What really 'p_ssed me off' was that as I passed them (returning to my car, with no fish or float) the float fisherman was setting the hook on a good fish & had 3 or 4 in his bucket. I had to laugh - he ripped the float to set the hook & busted off, losing the fish, float & all! I will not be as friendly next time.

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Well, I broke my rule today about not fishing Narra Lake on weekends.

I was sitting at home looking out and the lake looked oh soooo inviting.

So I weakened and got my gear together, got some more whitebait and headed for the lake.

It was even more crowded than last weekend as there is an outdoor concert on in the park tonight, so

many many families making a day of it.

My "secret" spot was taken by a family who spent all afternoon throwing whatever they could lay their hands on in the water while dad tried to fish. Needless to say he got zilch.

I moved down a bit from them and the same thing happened again. Boats zooming past at full

throttle running over my line, all the time waving and yahooing. :1badmood:

Anyhow, a little handicapped kid in a walking frame about 6 years old came up and was fascinated by my fishing.

I was hooking smallish bream and releasing them, one after another.

He was asking questions all the time of "What fish is that", What are those small fish in my bait bucket"

all sorts of questions which I happily answered,all the while, his family was having a BBQ behind me looking on.

I was running low on bait by this stage, so the next fish I hooked, I handed him the rod and said "you can wind this one in"...His eyes lit up like saucers when I offered him my rod and he, with a little difficulty, managed to wind in a 30cm flounder.

The smile on his face was priceless. He was grinning from ear to ear and giggling.

His family rushed over and gave him a big hug and congratulated him on his first ever fish.

His Mum told me later he has always wanted to go fishing, but his intellectual handicap they thought was

too much for him to do it.

So to say I was glad I went down today is an understatement.. I hope he now asks his parents if they can take him fishing more often now and who knows..perhaps a future Fishraider.


Pete. :thumbup:

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