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Fish Industry Casts Doubt Over Buy-back Plan


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Fish industry casts doubt over buy-back plan

A New South Wales far south coast fishing industry leader says the latest State Government move to rationalise the industry looks set to fail.

Fishermen are receiving letters from the Primary Industries Department giving notional licence values and inviting them to take part in an $8.5 million buy-back.

But Ulladulla spokesman Mario Puglisi says if all of the operators accept the offer, there will not be enough money to go around.

"I think they will have to find some more money somewhere. There is not just enough funds there and knowing the number of boats, prawn boats, other fishing methods and trawling, I don't think there is enough ... abalone and lobster fishermen," he said.

"I don't think there is enough funds there. Somehow they'll have to find some more otherwise it is not going to happen."

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