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Can Anyone Tell Me Who Manufactured My Canoe


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Can anyone out there tell me what company made my canoe. I bought it second hand on eBay and the guy didn't know. As it is, whenever someone asks, "what brand is it" keep having to keep saying, "don't know". A bit embarrassing. :(

More pics (different angles) can be seen at www.johnluck.net/index_canoe.html

If you have any info just post here :)






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cant help you with the make - but i love the set-up

how much did it cost you?

if i had it i would be puting a live bait net in one of those outrigger spaces and a electric motor out back oops - just noticed you already have the motor

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nice rig mate, tops !!


Mate with so many local kayak and canoe makers (and blokes doing them in their backyard as well), it could be from anywhere. You can even get plans off the net to make them, so I don't like your chances at finding exactly who made it, even a 'similar' canoe would be different makers because all canoes are 'similar' LOL.

Make something up thats impressive........

Actually, tell them its a limited edition 'Fishraider' Canoe! :)

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