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For Botany Bay Fisherman


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To all concerned recreational anglers, Over many years we have actively liaised with Sydney Ports Corporations (SPC) in connection with the Port Botany Expansion and the impact it will have on Botany Bay. We have worked closely with SPC in the initial planning stages of the major port expansion, the subsequent Patrick's interim expansion and now the design of the new boat ramp that will be constructed as part of the major Port expansion. One of the key platforms of the Port expansion was that SPC would undertake public domain works adjacent to the new port development including the reclamation of 2 ha of the bay to create a new public boat ramp and car park.

Recreational anglers paid $4.2 million dollars to buy out commercial fishing in Botany Bay in 2000 and stand to lose 50 hectares of statutory fishing rights within the bay. We are being asked to give up a lot of the bay without an appropriate compensatory plan. According Dr Rob Feardon of the Coastal Zone, Estuary and Waterway Management, each hectare is worth $41,000, that's about $2,000,000.

We have already raised concerns with SPC about the lack of vision and practical design for the boat ramp amenity and the adjoining Foreshore Beach revamp. Our major concern is the inadequate number of car spaces proposed for boat owners and other users of the new ramp facility and adjoining amenities. Part of the SPC proposal is to enhance the areas adjacent to the new boat ramp to encourage public use via activities such as bike riding, walking, picnicking and bird watching etc. These enhancements will encourage existing and additional visitors to Foreshore Beach to park in the new boat ramp facility. SPC also plans to make Foreshore Rd a no-parking zone for safety reasons due to the creation of new traffic slip lanes and the vastly increased number of trucks that will be using Foreshore Rd in the future. The new ramp facility will accommodate 130 car/trailer spaces and 7 car spaces. The existing ramp facility contains 115 car/ trailer spaces and 22 car spaces. On a summer weekend over 100 cars and trailers line up for upto an hour to launch and retrieve a boat at the current ramp facility and another 200 cars line Foreshore Rd using the beach. On the afternoon of the 14th October 2006, 79 cars and 2 motorbikes were parked on just one side of Foreshore Rd, and it wasn't even summer. Where are all these cars going to go? We see conflict daily at other boat ramps across Sydney and this is something we want to avoid in our backyard. The current parking plan will not cater for current user needs let alone the influx of new visitors to the area once the rejuvenation of the beach front is completed and what is currently a very ugly location transformed into an attractive visitor attraction.

Our suggestions to SPC have included the need for at least another 100 car parking bays either along or adjacent to Foreshore Rd or within the Sir Joseph Banks Park. We have also encouraged the SPC to construct at least 3 fishing platforms / facilities around Botany Bay as part of an appropriate compensatory plan. Suggested locations include La Perouse, Brighton-le-sands and Kurnell. These fishing platforms would be designed to cater for the needs of the disabled, elderly and children. Other capital cities with major Port facilities have these amenities so why not Botany Bay.

We have asked the NSW Planning Minister, Frank Sartor for clarification of some points that he included in the development application and are eagerly awaiting his response. We have also asked our local Labour Member, Christina Keneally for assistance and we are awaiting her response also. We will be seeking support at other levels including our Fisheries Minister, Ian Macdonald, the NSW Advisory Council on Recreational Fishing, the NSW Recreational Fishing Trust Expenditure Committee (which borrowed the money to make Botany Bay a fishing haven) and commercial bodies such as AFTA and the BIA. SPC in a bid to sell their Port expansion project to the public have advertised a community open day where public feed back and comment is invited. Details of the proposed port expansion and the plans for rejuvenation of the Foreshore Beach area and Penrhyn estuary and the new boat ramp facility will be on display. Venue details are - Date: Saturday, 25 November 2006 Venue: Botany Town Hall, Corner Botany Road and Edward Street, Botany Time: Between 11.00 am and 2.00 pm For further information Telephone: 9296 4999; Email: botany.terminal.project@sydneyports.com.au

Unfortunately this date clashes with the "2 4 6" convention hosted by SSAFA over the weekend. However we encourage all of you to attend the open day and express your concerns with the proposed development. If you can't make it to the open day then email your comments back to SPC. Following are this issues that South Sydney AFA and ANSA NSW would like to see addressed -

Additional parking for 100 cars needs to be integrated into a new design to cater for all users of Foreshore Beach due to the fact the SPC intends to make Foreshore Rd a no parking zone.

Appropriate compensation for the loss of 50 ha of the Botany Bay recreational fishing haven.

Additional community compensatory measures, including the provision for 3 new fishing piers around Botany Bay.

Construction of another boat ramp somewhere in Botany Bay to address the current deficiency and to cater for future boating demands

We desperately need the support of all recreational anglers and the community in general to secure a fair and equitable outcome with SPC. If we don't make our concerns clear and loud then it will be a case where the SPC and Government can say they consulted with the public and we got what the majority of people wanted. Don't be complacent ? stand up and be counted. Yours sincerely Stan Konstantaras President - SSAFA President- Australian National #####ing Association ? NSW Branch.

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Here is my opinion.

Just wait until they dig up the Penrhyn estuary to expand the port.

The toxicity of the sediments that will be released into the bay will mean that I will do my fishing on the open ocean in future. They can have as many car parking spaces and fishing platforms as they want.

What ever happened to the report(s) that were done to determine the feasibility of the port expansion ?

The reports that stated the port expansion was not a good idea ? Ignored as per usual.

Then the desalination plant will go ahead. Where do you think the byproduct (brine) will be dumped ?

Bright future for the bay. Sickens me...

...and people are more interested in car parking spaces....

I don't even want to think about where they are going to build the first nuclear reactor.....

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This latest request is being circulated at present if anybody is interested.

24th March is approaching fast.

The Fishing Party

A.B.N: 76 086 236 465

HEAD OFFICE (Federal, NSW State)

11 Watts Close


Ph/fax 0265 560338 0432252789

Email: sinali@optusnet.com.au


Thursday, February 08, 2007 BOTANY BAY CAMPAIGN

An election issue and opportunity for the fishing community and users of Port Botany is evident with the reclamation of 50 hectares of prime biodiversity waterfront and access area.

The whole development process and consultation with stakeholders can be confidently described as an arrogant scam promoted by stealth with disregard to the local community concerns and fishers. Sydney Ports and the Minister are not hearing you.

Congestion, traffic noise, major environmental toxic disturbances, misrepresentation of the anglers of NSW and a total disregard for a proper launching ramp facility in one of the most metropolitan used recreational area is being prioritized in total haste and disregard of everyday Australians and taxpayers.

Candidates are being sought to represent The Fishing Party in the Lower House for the Labor held seats of Maroubra, Heffron, Miranda, Kogarah and Rockdale. If suitable persons from the fishing fraternity or the general public want to make a point or protest against these Labor party decisions there is no better way than at the ballot box and preferably with a change in government. The Fishing Party is campaigning statewide with a full 15 candidate group ticket in the Upper House where Botany Bay will get attention if we are lucky enough to get someone elected into the parliamentary system.

Whichever major party control is allowed unhindered with decisions like Botany Bay they will unashamedly continue to screw and divide communities without fear of retribution, so our philosophy is to take some votes away from them which may decide election outcomes. TFP is promoting a change of government in March 2007.

Please spread this request around and maybe a concerted campaign will bring satisfaction after all nothing will change if nothing is done to make change.

For further information or candidate interest please contact Bob Smith (in confidence)

Bob Smith

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