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Marlin Hooked From Kayak,and Fish Caught


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:05: hi all boaties.managed to hook into a black marlin while trolling a slimey mackerel of the gold coast in qld.We managed to hold it for an hour and a half and in the process it towed two kayaks 6km further out to sea at 4km/hr!!!.The sight of it jumping was spectacular and will be in my mind forever,unfortunately after an hour and a half my leader parted.But all is not lost,as been landing some other good fish as well






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Mate looks like fun. But ive gotta say you guys are nuts. No way you would catch me out there. Well maybe ten years ago. What a buzz to catch some nice sports fish from a kayak.

Better luck next time with the marlin. What would of you done with it if you managed to capture it?



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The more I read this site the more I realise I am one of the laziest fisherman around.

I couldnt paddle 6km let alone after trying to drag a marlin in. Well done couta.

Not for me though Im afraid I prefer to sit in the tinney with the paper and a cup of tea.



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Amazing Couta! Great shots, too. Lots of Marlin steaks when you get your next one actually in - could be fun towing it back from 4k out!!

I have watched the video of Rob Paxevanos fighting one from his kayak - but it had been hooked on the big boat & then he took the rod to the kayak (from memory.) It was still an amazing effort - he was going round in circles as the fish got closer in - they sped up the tape to show more of it in the 1/2hr fishing show & it really was quite funny. It was tagged & released.

Well done - just shows, you never know what you're going to get!



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Guest Big-Banana

I remember up at port Stephens hearing about a bloke trolling from a Jet Ski. But trolling for a Yak is crazy! :thumbup:

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That guy in Port Stephens was John Davis and he tagged about 9 of them in one season. I know his son quite well, The Jetski was set up perfectley livebait tank, cuttingboard rod holders kill tank the works.

he lost one set up after flipping it. goodbye all his gear.

The jetski mob offered a free jetski to whoever gets a marlin on one they didn t live up to there promise but i guess he can boast that he got one from it

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