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Baitrunner For Kingy's ?


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Hey guys (short time reader, first time poster) I've been fishing for bream and flatties and your usual river fish now for as long as i can remember, using two 4 - 8 kilo ugly sticks with 3500 shimano baitrunners, 5 kilo mono line, 4 kilo trace (thinking of going braided).

Anyway, after reading the forums and seeing how many people are having success in catching kingy's in bontany bay i wouldn't mind having a go at catching something a little more fun every now and then.

I don't wanna spend big bucks on a new overhead rod and reel setup so i was wondering if the bigger size baitrunners would be just as good for catching jewies and kingy's with braided ?? kilo line. Used for trolling, cast and retrive bottom bashing and live bait. Or should i just bite the bullet.

I guess i've never really understood the advantage of using overheads for the smaller game fish over spinning reels, apart from the ammount of line they hold.

Any advice would be most appreciated.


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G'day mate & :1welcomeani:

I am by no means an expert, but i recently invested in a shimano 6500br for exactly what you want.

I spent a lot of time reading this site, talking to different ppl & various tackle shops.

And it worked out for what i wanted it was the best thing & in the price range, i have also loaded it with 30lb mono thats all.

i just want to hear it sing now - atm i think its lost its voice.... :074:

Hope this helps

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G/day Mikey1 :1welcomeani:

At the moment i use a 6500br loaded with 30lb Braid i find it to have no problem doing the job.

But the only issue i have with the reel is its size, for me it's a large & a bit heavy.

The 4500 would be a beter option, Have a look around there are some Great Threadlines on the Market.

Tight Lines


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Baitcaster/ Threadline/ Overhead. they all do the job in there relative sizes, Just a different way of fishing AND dont forget the handline! I chop and change depending on my mood :1fishing1:

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The Shimano 4500 baitrunners are a great reel and I have 2 of them, but they are not a reel that I would use to target kingfish in Botany Bay.

This is due to the fact that most (not all) of the best places to target your kingfish are places that you don't want the kingfish to run. Otherwise they will usually bust you off.

I prefer to use either one of these 3 reels;

Pflueger Medalist 6070 spinning reel with 30 lb fireline and a 40 to 60 lb leader

Pflueger Contender 7570 spinning reel with 30 lb fireline and a 40 to 60 lb leader

Pflueger lever drag 30L overhead reel with 30 lb fireline and a 40 to 60lb leader

One important thing I find when fishing for kingfish in the bay, is that I do have the drag done up fairly tightly (enough so that you find it very hard to pull line off with your bare hand).

You could always use the Shimano Baitrunner with the drag done up fairly tightly and don't engauge the baitrunner system


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Alright sold, Baitrunner 4500B it is! 30lb line. What brand though ??? I've never used braided before, just been getting around using Schnider mono. Is there a stand out brand or are they all pretty much the same? Also what coating thickness, strands ands colour ???

Was just reading up on braided at http://japantackle.com/Topics/PE_braided_lines.htm and its kinda confused me.

Actually while im at it, what about brands for fluorocarbon for a trace.

Cheers heeps for your input by the way.

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I don't think there is much advantage using braid for that sort of fishing, unless you want to boost the small line capacity of a threadline reel. I find 10 kg mono plenty heavy enough for Botany Bay kings (and jewies). Mono is cheaper, more abrasion resistant, easier to rig and its stretch makes it more forgiving.

Overhead reels are better at fighting big fish than threadlines, why not give them a go? There are some good models around for not much more than a Baitrunner, especially if you buy secondhand.

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OK today i went round looking for some FINS brand braid (all reports say its awsome). the 4 tackle shops i went to in my area didnt have it I think one of em had tufline xp but i read somewhere that its not that great for casting ??? Anyway can anyone point me in the direction of any shops that sell it. I'm looking for 12 lb and 30 lb.

I live in the banks town area and am willing to travel 30 - 40 mins if the lines that good.

oh and how much :(

- Cheers

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I have several baitrunners and they are great reels ( I own 3 of them) but if you are going to seriously target kingfish then the constant heavy drags will be a problem on these reels. I fish regularly with drags set at 10-12kgs. This is pretty heavy and these reels will work OK for a while but will eventually pack it in.

You can fish much lighter drags but you will get bricked very often by hoods and those are the fish we all want to catch!

The plastic and grahite body bends too much and the bail and spool spindle will eventually bend and go out of alignment. Everything will fall apart real quick when that happens. I guess there is no point in having 30lb braid which should break at closer to 60lbs if you can't fish the line to the max with the gear you have!!! Better to go lighter and save the gear...and perhaps get a few more bites. With that type of reel you really won't be able to fish more than 15lb braid to the max! WHich is basically 30lb in breaking strain. You'll be able to cast further with it as well.

Personally I use the shimano torsa or stella for kings and also occasionally the thunnus with 50lb braid. With my style of fishing braid has the advantage of offering less water resistence on a downrigger. These reels are designed for heavy drags and can cope with punishment day after day. But it costs $$$$.

I also have a daiwa certate 4000 and this little reel has been an eye opener. It looks like a reel more suited for squid than kings but it can handle everything you can dish out. Can easily hold 8-9kgs of drag without drama. But it also costs $$$.

For similar type of money to a bait runner a good over head like a shimano tyrnos 20 or 30 should be able to offer a heavier duty reel. With a better drag as well.

I only use seaguar fluorocarbon as all the others have inferior knot strength. CHeers Kelvin

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hey i got two shimano baitrunners 6500B they are the best reels has reeled in kingfish up to 90cm easily and handles jewfish like a dream very good reel for its price i think retail is around $250 but works like a dream!

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Between myself an my brother Greg ALL of our reels, bar our 2 heavier 15-25kg combo's are BTRS. My bro is a huge fan of the shimano's an has 2 or 3 of them. Myself I love the okumas, i have 3 eclipses an a epix. All of our reels have been throughly blooded with kingys up to a metre, cobes, an small sharks up to 6ft on them. BTR'S are awesome reels, particulary if its a bit slow on the fishing front and urve had several :beersmile: you can always set these reels, an have a snoooozeeeee.

Get a BTR mate, you will love it!

Dan an Greg

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I grabbed a Browning bait runner from Wattos to try out whilst Im away. My Browning rifles were a dream to use Im hoping the reel will be the same. Anyone used them yet?

Hi Brownie i have several Viva Reels, including Browning and Nereus models, i was using my Nereus NT50 Baitrunner (Which is next class down from Browning) with 4kg Outermark rod and 12lb Mono to pull in Rat Kings to 63cm with ease and a heap of fun. I have smaller Brownings on 2 x bream sticks and find them exceptional especially for price. So im sure u will be happy with ur purchase.

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By the the sounds of your original post you only want to fish for kings occasionally. Spending big on gear for occasional use is a little unneccessary. BTR's will do the job of catchin kings just fine. As Namesay said they will not stand up to heavy drag pressure continually but will still work on an occasional basis.

I use a 3500 BTR with 30lb for kings and find it fine for my rare king trips. Not what i would use if i was serious. I'm reluctant to use my 6000 Stella or my Saltiga Dogfight with bait. It would also look a little embarrassing if i keep landing rats on primo gear meant for much bigger fish.

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