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Mullet & Blackies Around


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Hi guys

Been getting into a few blackies & lots of mullet here in Forster - the flatties have been a bit quiet for me in my kayak - but will wait till the crowds go before getting into them again, I think! Then again ......

The blackies I got at Tuncurry breakwall near the Rock Pool. Lots of fun. Folk using bait were getting nothing but pickers, so were amazed when I pulled in 2 decent blackies, got one 27cm one & a few throw backs! After the 2nd one, they were saying 'She's on again!'

Lots of mullet in the leases - tie up alongside the ones just past the bridge where the drift runs parallel to the fences. They have been close to the fences. You should be able to see the 'shakey' water indicating the mullet feeding on the top. Just watching for a minute or so will see them 'scatter' when something is chasing them from underneath or birds flying low from above. The water just erupts!

Squeeze your fresh white bread into small balls, or do as I do & cut the crusts of one slice, use a rolling pin (beer bottle works well) to squash it flat (about 3mm) so there is no air left in it. Slice it into about 8 - 10 lengths, then turn it around & slice it again 8 - 10 times - this gives you heaps of small squares of compressed bread!

One slice will last you for a whole fishing trip! Use a float & small hooks. Have a short trace when fishing in the leases, as you have to drag them across the racks!

Happy hunting!



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Nice pair of solid blackies there Roberta. You are the master at them. Were they both caught in weed?

Those mullet can be fun too. Don't they go when hooked!

Your method of bread baits is excellent and I may give that a shot at Narra Lake soon as there are

some thumper fellas in there at present.

Keep those reports a coming..always a good read.



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Were they both caught in weed? Those mullet can be fun too. Don't they go when hooked!

Hi Pete

I am quite addicted to blackie fishing now! no smelly bait, a great fighting fish & tremendous eating qualities if handled correctly! I got them on cabbage from Burgess Beach - there is heaps on the rocks just now. I think they have been eating cunje, tho - their gut absolutely stinks & is black & gooey!

Mullet fishing is such great fun, too - once again, no smelly bait (at least, until you gut them!) Great way to get the kids into fishing. Don't they go?! 'Specially when you get a 'bully one' on. The ones in the leases here are about 25cm, so give a good account of themselves anyway! Beautiful smoked! I keep meaning to put one out as a livie, but haven't yet.

Check out my float in the Fishing Chat section - it is a real winner!!

Re the bread, I actually squeeze each square in half (once or twice more) to make it stay on the hook better - it just takes a bit longer to load up the float each time tho! It is more effective than just pulling a bit of bread out & rolling it in a ball. Otherwise, individual squares, as is, is fine! When they are on the chew, ya gotta be quick!

Good luck at Narrabeen!



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Hi Randall

No, it wasn't me that caught the giant toad!! (Don't know if I would admit to it anyway!) Aren't toads repulsive things?? Big ones only become more repulsive - a bit like pulling in a wet towell.

There are a few of us around in green 'camo' kayaks - a good colour to have! I always wear a blue 'denim' type long sleeved shirt. Caught up with 2 fellow kayakers the other day - both on sit-ons - one was the hobie cat with the foot pedal paddles! Looked really neat. They both had the holes under the seat plugged up! Didn't like getting their bottoms wet! Ha Ha

This time of year, if I go out, it is earlier (7am or thereabouts) in the morning, before all the dorks hit the water - so usually back home by mid morning. I try to time it for near the top of the tide, too. I play around the leases up from the bridge. I know I was out Monday - had to get back in time for visitors to arrive!

I really should keep a diary - I go out at least every other day - either on the breakwall or in the kayak. Even fished the beach the other day too - finally managed to pull some worms at Seven Mile - seems the pros had plundered it of thousands over the last week. They come from Newcastle & beyond, apparantly to take our worms! Hardly sustainable. It took 1/2hr or more to find any, then got about 8 - enough for 3 of us to have a fish.

Are you up here on hols or based here?? Hope you got into some in or around the leases!

Yep - it sure was fun!



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I was up there visiting mates from uni on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday last week for new years. I was in my boat trying to avoid all the boat traffic as well. Most days started at 5 and went through to 3. Mid morning is terrible with jet skis and crusiers about. Beautiful part of the world i always enjoy myself up there. Didn't have that much luck around the leases most fish were caught upstream in the dirtier water around the natural structure.


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