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Swr Beakie

Phar Cue

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Bez and I headed up to South West Rocks between Boxing Day and New Years. Fairly quiet all in all though we did release an estimated 80-90kg Black on 15kg mono. Caught her on the troll with a Pakula. The fish came out of no where and launched out of the prop wash and on top of the skirt. Tail walked and porpoised like a maniac for a few minutes then spent the next 30 minutes under the blue stuff.

Got her to the side of the boat, took out the hook, couple of photo's and swam her back to freedom.

Very nice.

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Congrats on a very fine fish :thumbup: Maybe the pic is tricking me but it looks like it may be a Blue marlin from where i'm sitting. What sort of depth were you in mate?



Depth was about 280m, 24.6C water. It did run some nice blue through it though it was fairly dark almost to the underbelly.

Not many full shots to tell.


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Guest Reel Addiction (Sea Jay)

Hi John

Don't have a pic other than the last photo. You can see the skirt behind the fish. It was a Pakula Lumo Sproket.

Well done mate on an awsome fish i am still patiently waiting for my first and cant wait, ill keep a close eye on my lumo sprocket, actually that is the same lure that i hooked but on but dropped the fish a couple of weeks ago.

What size sprocket is it mate appears to be a mini in the photo, can you confrim????

That lure is gold for marlin, but i guess nearly every boat i know runs one so they are bound to get a few fish, they have a great action though.

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