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On a magic day outside in the early hours of the morning I caught my largest snapper at 35cm,to smash it minutes later with a 58cm Snapper.I was yahooing all over the boat in the restricted space I have.I was cheering for a couple of minutes.We then had a 5 foot Hammerhead circle the boat twice on the surface of the waterabot 12 foot from the boat so we left the location to another spot when I got a double hook up I looked down to see what it was and to the left of the boat was a 6 foot grey nurse.So I left.On the way back in we saw a couple of dolphins,what a day .It was one of the best days although only a few good fish to see all the sea life was terriffic.





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Top fish, Suffo! Bit of a buzz seeing the sharks, tho!

We have lots of hammerheads up here - I have seen a huge school of smaller ones come in thru the breakwall & spotted a 6ft one up opposite the pub in Little St (just before the boatsheds.) A family had been swimming there just minutes before! I don't know if they are aggressive or not, but I wouldn't have liked to be swimming there!



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Hi Suffo

What did you catch the snapper on ? Soft plastics?

SQUID,but I had put a light coat of Ultrabite(clear liguid,fish attracter) on it.Found that stuff works well.I had it on the flathead I got yesterday as well.Squid also.

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