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Botany(old Report)


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headed out of botany and was at the yakka spot at around 630. Got around 10 in 30 mins and it was of in search of kings.

anchored up somewhere and waited bite-less for about 1 hour. When it was called to move spots my charter special combo went off zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nearly over the gunwhale and i was on. This thing pulled drag of my charter special with 30lb braid with ease. after a 3-5min fight we netted the beast and she came in at a beaut 65cm. My first legal king, and a pb at 65 cm.

decided to stick around, and threw out another 3 yakkas but they didn't stick around(the kings).

saw another boat land one aswell and that was it. I also tried my popper around the area but it didn't get hit.

next we moved toward the wharf and saw a carpark on the other side of the fish farm of the hot water outlet..was tempting to move there aswell but decided to anchor around a marker pole. There i got my next pb, a 36cm bream caught on half pillie. My dad also got a thumper leather jacket. Turns out that carpark was hooking up to kings one after the other :05:

next we moved over to the third runway where we got 0 (zero!!) hits. stayed for around 30mins and burleyed hard for nothing..

went to do some flattie drifts but all we could get was tiny snapper. Saw a small school of tailor being chased by a underwater bird, and all rods went off. I threw my popper out, didn't even start winding in and i was on..first fish on a popper lure and got him to the boat. pulled in another two which took prawns. I threw my popper out again and they were goneee. the problem was, i couldn't see and surface action so i couldn't chase them down..

it was a great day, one that ive been waiting a long time for..can't wait to get a king again



first ever king @65cm


PB bream @ 36cm and dads leather jacket


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nice effort on the fish there mate, especially the kingie.

just a question, never heard of the carpark in botany bay. where abouts is it.


its not an actual spot :1prop: people like to use the word because 'a' spot looks like a carpark with heaps of boats anchored

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