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Is It Me?or Is It The Yakka?


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Hey guys just want your thoughts on using Yakkas as bait, Recently i fished Wedding cake island i had a dozen or so yakkas in the live well so i was expecting a few good kingies.

The Yakkas just didnt do it...they swam around for ages without a hit- luckily i had some nice sized quality frozen squid. First squid drop BANG!!!! within 2 mins,,,, second squid drop the same...and so on and so on.

After 14 kings and nomore squid i dropped another yakka....same story not a touch :S.

So basically 30 minutes 2x nice live yakkas NOTHING!!!.... 90 minutes 18 squid and 14 kings all in the same spot.

Sure Yakkas may be worth dropping for dollies and Bills.....but from my experiences lately the Kings just seem not to be interested.

I thought this may have something to do with the fact that Kings only eat yakkas head-on and may sense the line and hook.

I have lost all faith in spending time gathering Yakkas for kingies...sharring your thoughts and experiences is appreciated.

BTW the kings ranged in size from 55 -66 cm, and only 1 was kept for the dinner table, all others released to fight another day.



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sometimes the Kings are just like that, i have been out there when they will take a yakka at the back of the boat, other times i have trolled them for no touch, i have even downrigged a live squid for no touch..

Yakkas are probably at the bottom out of the 3 easily gathered live baits being squid and slimys.

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I have also found that the smaller kings just mouth the yakkas. I think though that the larger models might behave differently.


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Mate i think it comes down to a few factors, I have fished Bluefish with Yakkas with ok results, Fished Port kEMBLA with yakkas for excellent results, Fished Sydney Harbour with yakkas for shocking results.

It seems that location is everything and also what the kings have been feeding on.....

I would have thought yakkas would work well at wedding cake island but sometimes the kings just dont wanna play.....No doubt squid, slimies and garies are a much better bait but yakkas do get hit aswell. the smaller kings do tend to ignore the yakkas more then the larger ones and thats probably why you didnt get any hook ups.

Hope that helps.....And also Thanks for the Temp info mate....just saw it 2 days ago in my email...really appreciate it

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Smaller Kings will have a problem swallowing Yakkas,

also depends on the size of the Yakkas u used.

I find smaller Kings will take Squid and Prawns a lot


Then again sometimes there is no explanation for

their preferance of wat bait they will take.


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What we found with the kings - was if we had caught them say an hour before hitting the spot and you know how the change colour slightly ( go a bit darker) then they would not get hit. But when I was getting yakkas and giving them straight to Jim ( at mol) they would hit the water and get nailed straight away. Never caught a king on squid. So maybe if you can burley them up dependinmg on where u are fishing the fresh ones might do better.

Penguin - we had a bream take a live yakka in the bay one night!!!! so you never know! :)

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