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Fishing The Hawkesbury


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mate dont waste your time, in the last 2 weeks we have fished the hawksbury on at least 7 occasions,last week the tides where screaming through the river which made it impossible to fish.the only sucess we had was a 10 kg jewie at flint and steel.if i was trying tomorrow, i will be going to flint and steel as there are alot of pickers ,most likely bream.my mates fished up river 2 days ago for bream at spence and the vines and bomb out totally.anyway goodluck

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Have not fished the area for ages,Last time i was there was about a year ago,I found the place to be dead :05: as far as catching good fish go.

Yes i know there are good bream there,but never really been a bream man.

Love my offshore fishing :yahoo:

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Hey Grouseman

It's a full moon at the moment which means big tides. The first and last quarter moons bring the small tides that mean you don't need a brick to hold bottom.

Fishing the change of tides will be your best bet tomorrow, high around noon, low around 6 pm.

Have not fished there for a while, but almost always had luck as long as your bait is premium - live worms, live nippers or if you can get them live prawns even better for big bream. I used to fish Milson Island where the flats drop off opposite the Vines, and the Vines. Also Juno Point.

Good luck. Hope the southerly drops off.

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