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Unfortunate And Interesting Pics


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I'm not sure i would be calling the first two funny, i'm sure everyone would laugh if it happened to them! NOT!

Unfortunate yeah, but far from funny??? Or is my sense of humour that bad?

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Guest danielinbyron

or one dodgy handbrake and left out of gear..if u look close at the first pic they're still stuck in the car i think..

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Hi guys

Oooooops! Makes you wonder how they got into that predicament in No 1!

Now, onto the caravan afloat .... my dad had the caravan & pontoons ready to put something similar together (slightly better design tho with a small deck around it, but not 2 storey, methinks) back in the late 60's. Unfortunately he died before it all came together. He was a dedicated fisho (now you know where I got it from!) & I know we would have enjoyed many hours on the water if it had come to fruition! I have often thought back to his idea of an 'easy houseboat' that would have been trailerable to the lake of our dreams! There are a couple of beauties on the lake up here.

Now, our campervan takes us to whatever water we want to go to!



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