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Pittwater 11/1


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Gday everyone,

After catching a feed the other day at Berowra, I decided to head to pittwater to attempt to catch my first king for the tinny using my new downrigger. Arrived at the ramp about 7am and headed straight to first squid spot, Scotland Island.

Couldnt even tempt a strike, using new Yozuris with Egimax spray, so moved on to the next spot, a beach towards west head. Ended up catching one nice size squid and a real small tacker. :biggrin2: My inexperienced deckies also lost 3 squid, which was a bummer. Also a surprise catch on a jig, a massive octopus. :1yikes:

Headed to the first set of moorings, temp at about 22.7degrees, there was a bit of bait fish and fish arcs on the sounder, but couldnt get a strike.

Went to next set of moorings, where the sounder was showing alot of activity, heaps of bait fish and fish arcs. Trolled for a good 1/2 hour for nothing. By now the deckies were getting very impatient, ready to leave to go home. Finally got a strike on the squid and brought in a rat just under legal. :biggrin2: First for the boat so I was happy, one fishing goal crossed off for this summer. :yahoo:

Put the smaller squid out, but the action seemed to die down. The rat must of scared all the other ones off. After another 5mins the boys were at us to go, so we called it a day.

Not the most successful day out, but I had a good time. Beats working :thumbup:

Cheers Shaun


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