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Prawning @ The Entrance/ Terrigal


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Hi All,

I've just joined the Fishraider forum and just started getting into the addictive sport of fishing. :1fishing1:

When I recently brought my sons fishing, they got the idea of wanting to go prawning and thought i would give it a try. I heard from a few guys that The Entrance/ Terrigal might be a good place to go. Could anyone confirm please and let me know where abouts to go and when to go?

As you can see i dont have the foggiest about prawning so i was wondering if anyone could suggest other places as well to go prawning and the equipment i would need and the best place to buy these.

Thanks for the help and keep up the good work Fishraiders!!!

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Prawned a couple of times at the entrance for a good bag. Best time im pretty sure when their is no moon, ie a new moon. The entrance is a good spot near the ramp, and canton beach toukley also.

Good Luck Cheers Shaun

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You won't get a better deal than that!!

The Entrance is the go but it gets real crowded. Real crowded!!!

You need to be there on a "dark" or new moon and a falling tide. at the entrance channel the tides run out about 2 hours prior to the predicted low. i.e be there about 2 hours before what your tide chart says.

Good luck

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The entrance runs 2 hours after the tide chart and with daylight savings add another hour. The best time to prawn is between 7-3 days before the dark. Canton beach is a good option because it is a huge area and can handle more people than the entrance. Early in the season (ie) the first few runs you tend to do better further up the lake at places like elizabeth bay and canton beach and the entrance tends to get better after the feb dark.

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