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Friday In The Harbour


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Yesterday went out collecting squid from the inflatable. Only managed two but we were comforted by the fact that no one did any good on the squid yesterday. The bright sun really does seem to make squidding difficult.

The sounder went out, so we anchored near a marker and chucked them down. The wind and current were going in opposite direction which was made our efforts pretty futile and we packed it in. On the way back we downrigged (without a sounder) around Mh. The squid was in the water for no more then two minutes when a 50cm Amber jack gulped it. It didn't manage to pull a single inch of drag on the 50lb, but they are fast. WE got the squid head back as well. Next whole squid was picked at leaving only the tentacles. Remembering that we now have a head and tentacles from two different squid we pinned them together on the back of a sluggo. within minutes this was also picked to pieces, probably by tailor is my guess.

At the marina we burleyed up about 50 bream on the surface and chucked a whole pilchard in . To be honest it was more like fishing carp in a japanese garden then in the wild. A big one gulped it and continued idly swimming in circles on the surface having no idea he was hooked. After the ensuing tussle we had to keep him because he bleeding heavily from the gills.

Pretty slow day, but nice to catch my first Amberjack

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