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Saegake Reel Seat Issues


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Hi guys,

Just wondering if any of you other Daiwa Heartland-Z "Saegake" owners have a similar problem with the reel seat. Upon tightening the reel seat down, the foregrip section doesnt allign flush with the rest of the reel seat section. Its hard to explain so I took a photo.


Here I have tried placing a shimano sedona 1500 sized reel on it, but I have tried a certate 2000, airity 2000, biomaster 2000 and Sol 2000 reels on it with the same result.

Is there anyone else who is having a problem with it? Is there anything that can be done about it, or do I have to just cop it and use it as is?

Any help would be appreciated.


Byron (aka monk) :1fishing1:

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Hey monk, the problem can be easily fixed by folding up a small strip of cardboard and slipping it under the hood (opposite side to reel) before tightening it up. ps I work in a tackle store and recently found out daiwa had a pricing error on these rods, they are actually supposed to sell for double the price! sadly they are no longer available so whoever grabbed one are mighty lucky! Cheers

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