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Out Fished By The Wife


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went to brooklyn yesterday with the wife and son.

was hard going to find a spot out of the wind.

but we settled in, (after the anchor pulled about a million times.)

any way i was using the... big baits catch big fish theory. the wife only ever fishes with imported prawns.

before we left i promissed not to interfear with wifes rods

the wifes first fish was a 50cm jew that went like a 50cm bream (her 1st ever jew)

Then double hook ups on big jews.... the wifes one was ripping out drag like it was atatched to a speed boat.

seeing how she only had 4kg mono and i had 20bl braid i suggested we swap rods, for better chance of landing.

after about 10 seconds on my wifes rod i drop the fish :wife: (thats what you get for using bream hooks) (wife not happy)

wife even less happy after my jew turned out to be a boat capopy. DOH

funny thing was after the wifes jew spat the hook a little bream picked it up so i still landed something.

then after the bites died off we decided to go for a drift... after further failed attempt to anchor near the rail bridge.

the son and i get a couple of under sized flatties.

and the wife pulls up a 80cm flattie completly unassisted (antoher PB for her)

happy for my wife but worried that ill come home from work and find the boat missing.

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wow, some nice fish there - always hard to stop a big fish on light line.

with your anchor not holding, how long is your chain, i had this trouble when i first got my boat - only had 2 metres of chain - now i use 5 metres and have not had trouble since.

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Go Girl!! You little beautie! Great Flattie! Shame about the bigger jew - I know that I would have been seriously annoyed - like last Xmas when my brother dropped my jew as he 'assisted' it up the breakwall! I already had it cooked & on the plate & all the people on the wall were cheering & suddenly it was gone! A collective 'oooooooh' was chorused from the wall!

Not Happy!


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