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Late Report " The Entrance"


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G,day Raiders.

As I posted earlier, on the 3rd the family and I went up to the Entrance and camped at the Two Shores Caravan Park for 7 days, although the weather was pretty good it blew most days we were there and made for less than favourable conditions to venture outside, especialy when my mate whom was fishing with me was a inexperiencede fhser let alone competent out in a boat should the weather had turned real nasty.

So we decided to hit the lake and went straight out to what seamed to be a pretty popular spot just outside the chanel adjacent to the van park, first cast for my mate who had never used SPs before, and as I was talking him through the procedures on how to work an SP bang he is on fourth lift of the rod 60cm lizard straight up. I looked at him he looked at me, and then he said, "this SP fishing is realy easy", him not knowing that it took me nearlysix months to get my first fish and it was a dirty old sergent baker.

Any enough of the bitching, that was to be the only fish cought in that position so we headed over to the bridge and managed two more 40cm flatties and a blue swimmer crab, so not a bad start.

Our next outing we went straight over to the bridge and one thing we noticed straight up there was'nt many boats out that morning so we went near to a few places that seemed to be pretty popular the day before with out any luck, 4 hours later and not even a touch we called it a day.

Our next trip was the same but we did manage two flatties to keep and a few undersized models and two nice blue swimmers, then later that night my mate as we are sitting around the camp having a few coldies tells me that when in England as a youngster his older brothers would not take him fishing as they said he was bad luck, so I'm thinking ????? to myself damn right, then low and behold the next day is teed up and he says that he will give it a miss and I should go by myself. Well what a day I had, it did'nt matter where I fished I got some kind of action. Some of it was small but fish all the same, ended up with 11 keepers from 38 to 50cm and had an absolute ball, and did'nt I rub it in when I got back to camp. lol

The next couple of days we spent out and about with the kids, I must say that it was a great holiday.

Sorry that I dont have any pix to show off.


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