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Iron Cove


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Was ment to go for a fish at around 12 today but stupid me forgot to check the tides ..... hardly any water :(

went over to Iron Cove and bloody hell shallow there to (never fish there before so i didn't know).

seeming i work right near Iron Cove Bridge (Drummoyne side not City side) i am going to start and get there early and fish before work.

as i said i have never fished there before so today when i went down there the water was a fair way away from the land and i would have had no chance at trying to land a decent bream or flattie.

First up does the drummoyne side not fish as well as the city side (only what i have heard) and are flatties and bream my main targets or will there be jews, tailor, whitting etc around aswell ?

i will also assume its not really that safe to eat anything from there ?



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Fletcher - IMO fishing is just as good or bad on occasions all the way around IC. As for me, generally only fish it early mornings a couple of hours each side of high. You should be fine for the next few mornings.

Half your luck, I used to fish it a lot on the way to work when I was in the city. Also has added bonus of eye candy for those inclined.


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At the moment you will pick up good size whiting up to 800grams, small taylor and even the odd flounder.

Ive found better bream in the canals and or off Rod point.

As John said either side of high tide is the best but if you invest in some waders you will get some nice fish on low tide.

Good luck :1fishing1:

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Have managed a few fish each trip on both sides of IC. Have found halved berkley worms (natural) on 1/32 jig heads the most reliable. Whilst the drummoyne side is shallow around the rowing club, at high tide it is worth a try especially early and late as mentioned. Poppers are always worth a chuck on the flats. bream, whiting and flatties are the usual suspects

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