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Southwind Ub 520

Guest DV8

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Fellow raiders

Does anyone have a Southwind UB 520?

I am looking into one as my next boat and need a bit of feedback from members if they have one.


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Hi Steve

thanks for your reply. The Southwnd is an awesome boat

Is there a huge difference in the 580 and the 520?

What do you have powering your 580, and what does your mate powere his 520 with? I am thinking along the lines of a 70 hp 2 stroke, any thoughts on this??

How far out is your mate comfortable in going in his 520.

The reason I ask is that i am one frustrated snapper fisherman who in a 13 ft tinnie finds it difficult to get out very often with the winds we have experienced over the past 6 months. Once it blows 15 knots i have to call it quits.

I cannot find a boat more versitile than the Southwind for everything I want to do. i.e lake, river, ocean.

your help greatly appreciated


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The 580 has a good deal more room in front of the console, and more storage capacity than the 520. But I guess you are always limited with storage on a centre console boat.

I run a 60HP 4 stroke on my 580, with a (smaller than factory) stainless prop (cant remember the exact specs, but will check if you need). 3 up, full of fuel (115L) and gear, it will rev to 5700 rpm. Cruising at 4000-4500 revs it delivers fuel economy you wouldnt believe. My friend has a 90 HP 2 stroke on the back of his 520 and the fuel figures along with the noise levels are like chalk and cheese. We both bought second hand though, so he didn't really have the choice of power at the time.

I couldnt recommend a 4stroke highly enough for your application, though having run these mid sized yammies on my last 2 boats I cant really give you a real opinion on a 2 stroke, I'm sure someone here can though. In my view 70HP would be PLENTY, but I reckon a 50-60HP 4 stroke would be ideal (as long as it is propped correctly).

The question of how far out is comfortable is a difficult one to answer. That depends largely on your experience at sea, and in the the vessel concerned. I am happy at Browns Mtn which is over 20NM from Sydney Heads in my 580, provided the weather/ sea conditions are favourable and I am always logged with Coastal Patrol. My vessel is in Survey so has a little extra floatation, but the biggest asset of the UB series is the self draining deck. If you take a green one over the side it will empty soon enough PROVIDED YOU HAVE THE SPEED TO MANOUVRE FORWARD.

Anything over 15knt and the sea starts to get a bit choppy, anything over 15knt and you WILL get WET in a UB.... nothing a raincoat wont stop though!

As far as versatility goes, you are right..... they draw only a tiny amy of water, about 8" in the case of the 580, so are as comfy well upstream as they are offshore.

Thats my (biased) view, PM me if you want some more info, happy to share.



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Thanks once again for your reply. It has given me a lot to think about. Fuel economy is a major factor for me. I like to at least break even when i go out, though I am not sure I will always be able to do this with the southwind. A four stroke sounds like the better option. Is there more to servicing four strokes than two's.

I have seen a few 520's and 580's on the market for between $20 000 and $25 000. Does this sound reasonable. Are they all made in the same factory or are they made in different places around the world. There seems to be a lack of info on the www on Southwind.



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Ive done a couple of hundred hours in a UB 670 first with a 80hp 4 stroke, then a 115hp 4 stroke (yes, its over the manufacturers spec)

I dont want to really risk comparing it to the 520 though.

They are good boats for what they are. The ride is pretty reasonable. The raincoat comment above is very true. The self draining deck in ours would drain with forward motion (as stated in a previous post) We had it filled nearly up to the gunnels a couple of times.

Are they all made in the same factory or are they made in different places around the world. There seems to be a lack of info on the www on Southwind.

Most "Southwind" branded boats would have been made up near Gosford, NSW.

They were associated with Yamaha and I think the boat manufacturing business went belly up. A number of the staff purchased the moulds (or whatever) and then opened up "Southern Star" boats.

I read recently on another forum that Southern Star is being/been sold or in trouble at the moment.

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