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Wastin Time

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Ok so i need a new battery (starter) for my boat - 115hp 2 sstroke yammie '98 model

After having talked to Mr Antenna & Rzep i thought i better see what those who wont lead me astray have to say :074:

Where is the best place to buy one from, what brands, how much should i pay

I currently have a battery with the following code N70ZM

What are ppls opinions on maintenance free batteries

I would like to buy & install by the weekend for a sunday fish (weather permitting)

Thx Raiders

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Whilst haven spoken to Stewy, i am still open to your thoughts

Thanks guys

Id strongly suggest a marine or 4x4 battery. They withstand pounding and vibration better.

A lot of people get away with car batteries and never have problem though.

With careful treatment (ie not letting them go flat and using the boat regularly) I got 8 years out of a Besco Marine Master and 6 years out of a Century Marine Pro 600.

I only kept them that long as I was happy having one older battery on board, as my second battery was a fair bit newer and the chance of both dying on the same day would be pretty small in my opinion.

A number of people like the Century Marine Pros on other forums.

**** has the Exide Extreme 4x4 batteries in the N70something size that i am using 2 of at the moment on my 115hp. They are about $165-170 and if you are patient for the 15 or 25% of all auto products they are a good buy. I had another 2 of them in my Pajero for 4 years and never had a problem.

Im not expert with the part numbers, but just check the terminal configuration as the Z or X on the end means the posts are on opposite sides or ends. If you have neat looms the cables may not reach !!!

Most people suggest the biggest size you can get.

Theres lots of different technologies availailable now. AGM is meant to be good but very dear. Calcium is only a bit more than the traditional lead acid and a new trend as well.

If you are running electric motors or doing a lot of overnighting or running a fridge/DVD you might need to think about a dedicated deep cycle battery for your electronics. But you only mentioned the 115hp.



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Wastin Time, I use an n70z (lead acid) for both my Tow car (rodeo) and for my 54lb bow mount and have found both to be fantastic. The brand I have in the car is a century and the one in the boat is a Champion extreme Duty, I paid $130.00 for the latter at a r-pco store about 4 months ago. It is giving me run-times equal to friends 100ah batteries at considerably less cost.


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