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Today at work i got to spoke to someone who i found out is a keen beach angler. He told me he went thru a course with alex bellisimo and said worth every cent. Especially for people who only has the weekend to fish. It cuts time experimental and learning time by light years.

Now i'm going to do the same. I'm just not patient or have the time to teach myself how to beach fish :(

I've had a go with alvey once and i think i'm capable to learn and use it properly. I really don't want to get second hand or use the basics. I just want to get the best for my application and pay for it once only.

My main target is jewfish from the beach. So which reel and rod combo would be best to handle a large jewie?

and of course every other fish that comes along? :biggrin2:

I've had a look at 6500BCVRR and MT1449W. What do you guys think? Is it adequate for the occasional rock fishing trip as well (if i ever find someone to go with)

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