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Rod And Reel For Darwin Trip


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Im headn to darwin in april

we will b in kakadu and doen a barra charter

im lookn for a 2 pce rod to run a threadline on

with say 20lb braid

sumthing that will flick lures from the bank /boat

handle a bit of live baiting etc and also be usefull when i return for flickn kings and jew

im backpacking so im limited to 2 rods

and i already have a lighter rod

i was thinkn about runninga 4000 caldia kix or 5000 stradic

im not lookn to spend heaps as whatever i decide on i need two

one for me one for the mrs

so anyone got any ideas

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It's NOT easy to think of a quality 2-piece threadline barra rod that is not expensive.

You're best to look for a carbon/graphite composite if you're going to be casting lures with it, but most start from around $200. Most good barra rods are 1 piece baitcasters.

I suggest you look at:

1. Shimano Raider series

2. Berkely dropshot series (8-10kg), or

3. Wilson livefibre rods (although these may only come in a 1 piece, not sure).

I would also think heavier, like 30lb braid (I have gone on about 10 purpose barra trips to the top end over the last 15 years and have never seen anyone fish lighter than 30lb), as barra inhabit some pretty snaggy territory and occasionally need to be stopped in their tracks.

But Johnny - you're going to have a ball. Barra hit and fight like no other fish - particularly on hard body lures. The first strike is so violent it's like being punched in the face!! They are well deserving of their rep as Australia's premier #####.

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1. Shimano Raider series

2. Berkely dropshot series (8-10kg), or

3. Wilson livefibre rods (although these may only come in a 1 piece, not sure).

Does anyone no if the dropshot comes in two piece ??

this would be ideal as i have a couple of dropshots in 2 to 5 kg and they seem good for the dollaras

Mondo its my 1st trip so i lookn forward to it

i no i everyone use baitcasters

i have nether used before plus if im spenden 400 bucks i feel ill get more use outa

threadlines back hme

also do u use a guide and any RECOMENDATIONS

im havn a hard time picking a charter

unfourtunaly iCan only afford a full day charter for me and the girl

as well as a day chasing black jew

and a day in darwin harbour in the boat of a friend of a friend

the rest of the time we will be boatless

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Dunno much about the local Darwin barra charters mate - I am lucky enough to have a dedicated group of barra fishermen that head to more remote locations whenever I'm up that way.

I have, however, heard that the black jew charters out of Darwin are usually very productive.

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Guest danielinbyron

theres a great article on the darwin lb scene in saltwater fishing summer 2007 issue 45

which would have me re thinking my gear for there :biggrin2:

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Ok after lots of looking the best i can come up with is

shimano raider 2 pce 5-8kg snapper 7"6

Shimano Stradic 5000

20 to 30lb braid

Do u think i can run this heavy a braid on this rod

Wattos tackle has said he has a nice rod to look at

but i ahvent been able to get there yet as im in maitland

i will stop in there this sun

So can anybody think of a better combo for general lure throwing , bait fishn

plus still being usable when i ghet hme from darwin for jew and snapper etc ??

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