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Bluefin Boats, Estuary Trekker


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hi guys, recently slapped down a deposit on a 4.3m bluefin estuary trekker. its around a 2000 model, with a 25hp yamaha 4stroke. full floors with front and rear decks. trailer is a throw away job, but will do for a month or 2 till i figure out what i need for a new one. boat comes with radio and navman finder (either 450 or 4500, cant remember)

does anyone have one of these? i need setup ideas.

basic plans at this stage are livewell, hatches/storage (atm it has 2 piece floors ie: lift half the floor up for storage) secure battery better, install a battery isolator, complete rewire, add some more lighting (all led, lose the fluro) some more rod holders, bimini/shade of some description, and a new trailer. further down the track i intend to paint it, strengthen the flooring (lose the spring) install a built in fuel tank with gunnel mounted fuel filler and an built in esky.

is a long list but im sure you all have a similar one when picking up a new boat.

i guess first things first, but what trailer should i be looking at? the trailer its sitting on atm was not the original one, its full of cancer, too long etc etc.im thinking if i can pick something up around the 1000 dollor mark, and then maybe option it up to include powdercoated wheels, spare wheel holder and a walkway, some solid tiedown points. would like sealed led lights as well. im based at bowral, southern highlands but work in moorbank, so anywhere on this side of sydney would be sweet.

also, travel covers, ive looked around and seen alot, but not sure which way to go.

any help with any questions would be greatly appreciated


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