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Anyone Own Or Know A Good Fair Price Wedding Car Hire?


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Hi there,

Rebecca and I used "At Your Service Limousines". Based at Emu Plains. We got married 4 years ago, they were very reasonably priced then so might be worth a call.

Service was excellent and the cars were top notch - especially the limo with all the goodies... :biggrin2:

Ph. 4735 3227.

I also have numbers for photographers, videographers, cake maker etc etc if you want them.

We tend to keep "everthing"!!!! :074:




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After doing a whack of homework pricing different companys what I did was hire 2 holden statesmans from Avis and got 2 of the boys that I was tossing up to put in the wedding party to drive them. And at the end of the day everyone was happy.

I think the cars were around the $180 mark or so each



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Am I sure what???

Roy is just trying to be funny and a lot of people ask that question when someone is getting married for a little light hearted humor and Roy meant no malice about it what so ever :biggrin2:


Cheers Stewy .

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Yes ALison, it was only meant to be a bit of light hearted humor

Sorry if it was taken the wrong way - honestly

Sorry for that interpretation stewy

Thats ok and its all sorted out and no problems what so ever :biggrin2:

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