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New Fishfinder High Modulus Graphite Rod On Its Way!


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Guys... Keep an eye on this space.....

I have just commisioned Tony the Maestro at Fishfinder to build me another Killer rod....

After a lot of too-ing and fro-ing of phone calls and 3 trips to the shop with me telling Tony what I wanted and Tony telling me that is "if you do this with that particular blank then you wil get a rod that will do xxxx"

Soo many choices.... aaaarrrgghhh.... but Tony knows what he is talking about and really helps fill in the blanks.... (No Pun Intended)

Anyway after some common sense talking and exploration of possabilities today ( and a few stirring remarks... you will keep tony :1prop: ...) We arrived at a formula that will give a killer rod for kings and other fish like snapper....

After much debate about rod length (me not wanting to cut down this amazing 6-8kg 8'9" blank... yet have something to fit in the car no longer than 7'6") it finally dawned on me that "Hey I usually have the boat on the back of my car.....so I can fit an 8ft rod in!...." so 8ft it will be... "it feels soo choice at this length!!!"

Let me tell you the feel of nearly the full length of this blank is something to behold... nothing out there matches it...if you dont believe me.. go see it at Tony's and check it out... I dare you...(just tell him Rodger Sent you or he wont have my cup of tea ready next time!!!)

Tony has had these blanks custom made... so you are not just getting a custom binding job... you are getting a "complete unique ULTRA-Mean stick and a half!"... you will have to ask him all the technical details... (perhaps you can add a bit on a reply tony?)

I have personally tried the 4-6kg "snapper plastic" rod built on the 4kg blank... and that rod had amazing feel.... (if you are that way inclined it will kill snapper , bream and big lizzards etc.. and casts like a dream....... so for God's sake go take a look...it is amazing!!!!)

However I wanted something with a bit more GRUNT to be able to handle Kings over a metre in length and also be able to punch line out as far as possible with only unweighted 6" sluggos....in the wind even!!!...LOL ... yet still be able to handle Snapper with some finess.... hence keeping as much TIP as possible was crucial....

I had tried both of the current market leaders in factory rods... the T-Curve Rods (where much action was lost dut to a very long stiff handle section) and Wilson Texalium which for all intensive purposed seems like a broomstick with a tip on in..and a bit short for my liking at 7' ... which is great if you want to personally eat 50 wheatbix a day and muscle a fish out .... then tremble on the bottom of the boat for 1/2 an hour with fatigue....but I prefer to let the rod do the work and absorb the runs and shock.... Better to save my shoulders and back!!!!

I think this makes fishing for Larger powerful pelagics much more enjoyable and fun....

KINGFISH iN MY BOOKS ARE A TORPEDO WITH FINS.... it isnt so much the speed of thier run but the momentum due to weight and torpedo shape... this makes them so hard to hang onto and to turn.

(ALSO Note: for around an extra $50 over the Wilson you are getting your OWN PERSONALISED CUSTOM Rod".(and something I consider far superior).. Rods like this may seem expensive but my last custom rods have lasted me 20 years and are still going strong.... so divide the cost by 20... it will probably work out cheaper than the variety store specials!!!!! not to mention give you a hell of a lot more pleasure and pride!)

Anyway enough for now.... But I will have this rod within 2 weeks (guess the epoxy has to dry hey Tones)

and I will give you a full review under "test conditions"

Personally I can't wait!!!

If you feel the urge to check out what is available then go over to Fishfinder and Tell Tony I sent you... he honestly has a huge range of rods factory and custom "off the rack" and those special blanks he can build for you

I hope you get as much pleasure out of them as I do....

Cheers & tight lines (with no broken rods) :1fishing1:

Rodger Wearne

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Easy up Rodger! ;):P

how will Tones be able to build my Snapper Master and NV10 whale killer when you keep ordering up rods on him! Tony was showing me the blank you have ordered and words simply do not do it justice, and yes it is criminal to cut it down, i'm tossing between 8" and 7"6



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Maybe thats why it will take 2 weeks... he has to do yours first...

I recon that there must be a big queue forming ...

I tell ya these blanks are so unique in the way they handle ....

I think he must have sold one of the 4-6kg snapper plastics on Saturday cause it was gone on Sunday....

Recon the new owner will sleep with it under his pillow... or throw the wife out of bed... :wife:

Really I just can't stop raving about these blanks... I would like to replace all the rods I own with these....

Well most of them are now 20yrs old... things like Gutsbutt Uglysticks etc....

so as I said above... if they last this long you can easily justify the price over a variety store special which will only last a year and wont give you 1/10th the pleasure...

and hey they have a 10year warantee to boot!!!!

This is virtually what Loomis give you...!!!!

Rodger Wearne

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Hey Rodger, in my hands fishing tackle doesn't last too long. It either gets busted up or I find something better and gets retired. I hope you have found what you were looking for as the rod you had with you the last time was a bit undergunned even on the small kings we were getting.

Atleast you got lots of kings to try out that rod! If the new one is any good then I'll get one my self! CHeers Kelvin

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