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How Do I Get Boat From One Trailer To Another Without Water...


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hi guys, i picked my boat up 2 days ago and on the way home the bearings colapsed on the right hand side. the old trailer is bad, and i dont trust it even after i fix the bearing, and i have a brand spanker dunbier sitting here.

the problem is how do i get the boat from one trailer to another without water...is it possibul?. its a 4.25m bluefin flat bottom tinny.

i had the idea to cut the winch post off the old trailer, back the new one in front of the old one, and try to winch it on, but im not sure...

any ideas guys, cheers

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Scope you can do that very easily by going to your local tyre retailer and ask them to give you a couple of truck tyres(old) for free and just space one to catch the back and as the boat is coming off one on the front and the boat should stay steady. Best if you have a couple of friends on each side of the boat as it is coming off. Then just reverse your new trailer slowly while whinching it up and all done in 30 minutes.


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push it off the trailer onto grass..

leave the cable attached onto the boat and release it slowly with the winch as you push it off.

support the trailer at the front end just as the bow is sliding off.

then wind it back up the new trailer.... raise the front of the trailer as the boat is being pulled up.

its very easy...

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G`day Fellas,

If you are lucky enough to have a mate who is a brick Carter , then The HYAB on his truck will lift it on and off no probs.

Or just go for a drive around the area you live in to see if you can see one parked outside somebodys house , or perhaps the local building sites till you see one and offer Him $20.00.


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A 400kg boat should be easy,

take the motor off, push the boat back about a foot,

then get a couple of mates to help u tilt up your trailer

with boat still on it,as the back of the boat touches the grass,un hook it,

pull the trailer out from under it while your mates support the bow

of the boat in the air.Most of the boats weight will be on its bum,your

mates just balance it there at 45 deg till u can drive your new trailer into

position under the boat,a chain or strong rope over a beam or tree branch

would make this easier.

Then join your mates in slowly lowering your boat onto the trailer.

We did this with a 600kg boat, but used a block and tackle to lift the

front of the boat.Was easy,just make sure your new trailer is secured so as

to not flip up on u when lowering the boat back onto it.


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if you can do dorado2's suggestion, follow it i say, much more easily achieved than you think and useful if you want to work on the trailer in the future, if not truck then at least four wheel drive tyres (and if you have one like us then you should be able to get your old ones when you change down the track).

netic is probably right at that weight (no fuel, empty her out etc lol) and a few mates should be able to lift it. wish i had that problem, on a last post i thought ours weighed all up a tonne, but after getting it done on a weigh bridge i found out she's 1.8 and no way can we be doing that lol.


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