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Welcome Shant!


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enjoy the site mate!

hope we get sumthin this weekend :P

hahaha thanx mate.. yea same here...

hmm now I reallly want to catch a nice fish when we go down to Clifton this time!! :ranting2:

a 30cm trev being the biggest thing ive hauled outta there to date lol... ahhhh!

So yer.. I doo want to go down to Balmoral to get some squid but my mates a bit hesitant...

he wants to get 'his spot' lol so i dont know..

And here's my official hey to Rob 'KingsRule' lol hey mate.. Tom's spoken highly of you :thumbup: and

from what I've seen from a few of your posts ur goin good out there on the water :) nice..


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pfft come to balmoral we can just push in at clifton if u must

LOL... i dno man.. i want to.. but pushing in.. ahh...any other way of gettin fresh squid?? like do they sell live squid at local tackle shops?? lol i saw yabbies once :S:S haha

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