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Luvias 2500 And 3000


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Does anyone know if the body of the 2500 is the same as that of the 3000? I've been looking at the specs, and they appear to be the same weight (240g), but the line capacity is significantly different. Is it just a different spool?

Thanks in advance.

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Shimano and Daiwa do that with the reels.

The difference is in the spool (either standard, shallow or deeper versions). even though the weight is the same there may be some diferences.

Take the stellas for example, 2500fb and 300fb, the difference is in the spool size, cause they use the same body. but if you take a closer look the drag capacity is much higher in the 3000fb (20lb) than 2500fb (10lb), with shimano the techology of the drag is in the spool, with daiwa the drag is dependent on the actual internal mechanisms of the reel itself.

Also you need to check the retrieve ratio, if its the same.

Hope this helps.


Huey :1prop:

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