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Stanwell Park Last Week


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Headed up to stanwell park last saturday morning with the Mrs for a quick beach fish ...

She caught her first salmon and loved the it .. now she is hooked hahah

all in all we caught 10 nice salmon but kept only 3.. more than enough ...

Yea mate very nice, i wouldnt mind getting down there sometime. Does it get busy?

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I normally fish the rocks down at stanwell for f#@%all my mate hs got a few kings off there.

From memory theres a big cliff they handglide off, im sure if you go to the top of that look down at the bach you could locate a few good spots.

Nice sized salmon mate, lb king.

cheers james

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Nice salmon there Jewiejoe. Used to fish there quite a bit. Nice little spot.

I was there a couple of months back with my dad and didn't get a bite. Its good to see someone catch some beauties. Was it hard to locate the gutters?


There is an almost permenant gutter there on the right hand side in front of the lake.

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They're good salmon. Bet they fought well.

I've never fished there but I did surf it a bit when I lived in Campbelltown. Beautiful spot. You must have loved it down there on Saturday. It was a great morning and to produce fish like that must have been a blast.

Well done.

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Hahah thanks John ... i got some mor esquid last night and i am keen on hitting the water again hopefully for some jews this time or some monster kings ...

great catch jewiejoe'

i caught my first beach jew from stanwell park, 5kgs & then got another the same night

so you probably know your in the right spot. good luck & hope the jews play ball for ya.

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