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Au Revoir


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Anyone planning to be on the harbour Sunday 1 April about 4pm.

I'll be the one on the back of the big boat (Pacific Sun) with my feet up, sipping on a c o c k t a i l , waving to the fisho's.

Have fun fishing. I plan to have fun cruising. :thumbup::yahoo:

See you at The Entrance social.

I will miss reading everyones posts each day!!!.

I'll be think of you all working. :074::074:

Holidays YAHOOOOOOOO :biggrin2:

Hope I can put up with Mr D for 2.5 months holidays. :wife::wacko:

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Confucius say: Lady who book cruise on April Fool's day should check reservation. :biggrin2::074:

Hope you have a great time on and off the ship - cruising is my favourite form of relaxation. There's some awesome fishing on offer in Vanuatu especially if you can quickly arrange it (New Caledonia is pretty difficult - the best fishing is mainly in the North). The Sun is a lovely ship - enjoy!


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