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Issued at 9:16am on Monday the 2nd of April 2007

For people in eastern coastal areas of Tasmania.

An earthquake of preliminary magnitude 8.1 occurred at 06:40 am EST near the Solomon islands [8.1S 157.2E] generating a tsunami.

A series of waves associated with this tsunami will impact Eastern Australia today, reaching the Eastern Tasmanian coastline from about 12:30 pm.

Dangerous waves and currents may affect beaches, harbours and rivers for several hours from the time of impact and low-lying coastal areas could be flooded.

The waves can be separated in time by between ten to sixty minutes and the first wave of the series may not be the largest.

People should keep listening to the local media for updated information and

advice and follow instructions and advice from emergency services

This warning will be updated by 11:00 am.

------------------------- End of warning -------------------------


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