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A Fully Rollered Game Rods


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Hi! I am interesting hear experiens by fully rolled game rods? Price about 160-500 AUD. Lenght ~180cm-220cm/ ~ 30-50lb., I am Special interesting how rolls workid, like no any problems whit too big tolerans and line damages. We havent so many fully rollered game rods here, so i have order some other country, whit out that i even see it firs.


Jani from :sun: Finland

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Hi there Jani.

we in australia have quite a selection of quality rollered rods.

if you are looking to get a serious rod then you will can look at a custom made rod.

companies i would look at would be ian miller and possibly precision rods.

you will pay a bit more for these. but trust me they are great rods.

these are jsut a couple available.

if you want to save some money and have a good "off the shelf" rod then i would look at the shimano T-curve rollered rods by ian miller. the 50lb one retails for around $369 aud

i run 2 of these with shimano tiagra 50w, they are great combos.

you need to make sure you do a bit of maintenance on the rollers, i.e. make sure they are well lubricated etc etc and you shouldnt have any issues.

make sure after every use u give the rollers a wipe down with freshwater and then a bit of oil into the rollers.

line damage wont be an issue on quality roller guides.

if looking elsewhere. make sure you dont get any cheap rods off ebay etc.

make sure they all have good fuji quality guides etc and a g ood rod blank.

dont know if you have preference for a straight rod or bent butt.

bent butt rods are great to get that extra leverage on a fish.

hope the information is helpful mate.

let me know if you have any other questions.



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