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Tfp Helps Libs Take Port Stephens

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The Fishing Party congratulates Craig Baumann on a final win in Port Stephens by 68 votes. The only electorate taken from Labor by the Libs.

As they say, to win by 1 vote is good but to win by 2 or more is a landslide.

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank the TFP supporters in Port Stephens who supported our candidate Paul Hennelly who undoubtedly has provided the preferences to enable Craig to win.

I would also like to thank Row, Ted Mackay along with Peter Hughes and his crew who unselfishly gave up their day to provide support to The Fishing Party with handing out and manning the booths and displaying signs. I know they enjoyed the day and the whole exercise.

Lets hope this arrogant ALP gets the message.

Further news headlines will be available during the coming days.

Bob Smith

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