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Shimano Ultegra 4000 (japanese) ... Help


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Picked one up 2nd hand from one of the forum members (thanks mate!) and have a few questions.

This is a jap domestic market reel but have read that it is very similar to the Aussie made Stradics.

My questions are:

1) How to move the reel handle from right to left ? The mechanism is slightly different in that it does not allow a straight swap from left to right like my Penn Accord i.e. -> screw --> pull off --> put back on.

2) The drag /spool clip that makes a clicking sound must have broken or dropped off when re-spooling. I am actually pretty sure now that it was making the drag clicking sound when un-spooling and then it suddenly stopped.

The instructions are in Jap so that does not help my cause.

I have called Dunphy Fishing Imports (Shimano Distributor) and they are cool to help me out but Taren Point is a LONG WAY FROM WHERE I AM in the Hills area .. Daamm !!

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance !

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